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Cabinet Refacing in Cerritos

Quality and innovative Kitchen Cabinet

Are you planning to have your house renovated to add more spice and be into the new trends? Are you tired of having a dull and plain interior of your kitchen? Then, you do not have to think about it multiple times; why not have cabinet refacing now? With this, your cabinet will transform into something marvelous and functional. If you plan to make these things happen, then you are in the right hands! Mr. Cabinet Care offers quality and world-class cabinet refacing services. Indeed, we guarantee you to make your beloved cabinets look new and stunning, which could change the whole vibes of your beloved house. 


Things inside our house and the structure of our house are as well old as we do, and maybe it is the right time for them to have some sparkle after many years of them being used. They might now look old, rusty, and out of date, but we have a perfect solution for your problem! If you live in Cerritos and plan to have a kitchen cabinet refacing, worry no more, for Mr. Cabinet Care will be with you throughout your journey to have your kitchen goals.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Options


If you live in Cerritos and want to have a cabinet refacing, you have several choices. Understanding and choosing wisely will help you to have the inspirations in your mind. 


With that, below are some of the choices that you have:


Framed cabinets – Using the next generation plywood, you could now have a built framed cabinets being customized. Also, the feature of the cabinet doors being attached to the frame makes you have the chance to improve its look while remaining still the majority of the features.


Modified overlay cabinets – The best feature of this option is that you have the drawer fronts wherein it is one inch close to the top and a quarter inch on the bottom. You could make use of the drawers by putting different kitchen utensils so you could easily access them. 


Traditional overlay cabinets – At half an inch on the side and one inch on the sides of the frame, the drawers and door fronts overlay the frame. In addition, this looks more traditional and makes your house looks cozier.


Frameless cabinets – This enhances the way of utilizing the space, accommodating various interior components. With this, you could fit a lot more things inside and use cabinets to their full extent.

Trusted Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Service in Cerritos


If you want a unique kitchen design, contact Mr. Cabinet Care. You could choose from our various suggested designs or go for trying something completely new. Whatever your cabinet refacing needs are, and whatever you wish to have, we’re here to make them happen. In addition, if you live in Cerritos, it is a great deal for you for they could quickly help you!

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