Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services in Fountain Valley

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It makes sense to update it and give it a fresh appearance. Do you like the layout of your kitchen but want a more updated look for the entire room? Refacing is a great option to consider!

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is a top cabinet refacing service in Southern California, including Lemon Grove. The process takes a small amount of time and is more affordable as compared to custom remodeling of your kitchen cabinets. And while other companies offer a 10-year warranty, we give a 20-year warranty, which is the absolute best in the industry!

Benefits of Refacing for Fountain Valley and Southern California Kitchens

Refacing your kitchen cabinets does not involve a lot of cost or time. Plus, you don’t have to rip everything out like in a complete kitchen remodel. We’ll put in new doors and drawers, change the door knobs and hinges, and give your cabinets a different style. There are different wood and staining possibilities that will make your old cabinets look brand new and custom-made.

Is Cabinet Refacing for You?

Refacing is a great way to avoid the usual hassle of a complete remodel of a bathroom or a kitchen Perhaps you love your kitchen, but you just want it better and reimagined to inspire you again. We can help you create the best modern kitchen to your liking.

Why Choose Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

We offer over 30 years of experience along with a 20-year warranty and top-quality service to create the kitchen space you desire. We’ll consult with you at your home to transform your kitchen, Call us now—(800) 581-0694!