Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for Homeowners in Fullerton

Cabinet refacing is the most affordable and convenient way to give your house cabinets a face lift without having to spend money or time on custom remodeling. Your kitchen cabinet refacing can be revamped and reinvigorated in an amazing way. Like your kitchen’s layout? Kitchen Cabinet Refacing will resurface your cabinets without doing a tedious, expensive remodel.

What Is Refacing for Kitchen Cabinets in Fullerton?

Cabinet refacing is a complete makeover for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets that gives you the custom cabinetry that you deserve and desire for your home. The great thing about cabinet refacing is that every detail of your cabinets can be customized according to your taste and preference.

Anything that comes to mind, we can make it a reality for you. If you are having trouble making up your mind regarding how to revive your cabinets, feel free to reach out to any of our design consultants. We will work with you, reveal to you the best options for your situation, and assist you in making the best choice.

In addition, we can add features like custom moldings, lazy Suzans, under-cabinet lighting, trash can bins, tip out trays, or pull-out shelves. You will be astounded at all of the options you can choose from! Our design specialists will patiently explain your options so that you can create the kitchen you have always wanted.

What to Expect from the Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process

Kitchen cabinet refacing gives you the ability to refinish and restore the look of your kitchen cabinets without actually replacing them. You can fully customize and personalize your kitchen cabinets, all without removing a single one. For Fullerton homeowners on a budget, cabinet refacing is the logical choice for upgrading a kitchen.

To make your kitchen fully customized, the process starts with your choices. Choose the cabinet material, finish, hardware, and special features that will make your kitchen exactly what you want it to be. Then, our team will get to work, removing the existing cabinet doors and the fronts of all of the drawers and replacing them with your beautiful choices.

Before we start adding the drawer fronts and cabinet doors, we will either stain or laminate the frame of your cabinets. This will ensure that the entire finished project has a cohesive look. It will look like you completely replaced your cabinetry when all you did was invest in kitchen cabinet refacing.

After completing the frame, your contractor will add any custom features you want to the cabinets to make them more functional. Then, the contractor will install the new doors and drawer fronts, completing the job with the hardware you choose. In just a few short days, you can have a fully renovated kitchen that meets your needs and matches your style.

Why Consider Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Fullerton?

What are the benefits and advantage of kitchen cabinet refacing over full cabinet replacement? This process is fast and affordable and brings several key benefits that you will enjoy. These include:

  • Spend less money for great results. You will spend about half what you would spend on cabinet replacement, and the results are just as beautiful.
  • Use fewer natural resources. Everyone wants to go green, and when you invest in kitchen cabinet refacing in Fullerton instead of replacement, you save natural resources, including trees!
  • Improve the value of your home. Updated kitchen cabinetry goes far in the overall value and sell-ability of your home, so it’s an investment worth making.
  • Update the look quickly and effectively. No one wants to be stuck with a remodeling job that takes months to complete. Kitchen cabinet refacing gives Fullerton homeowners a fast and effective way to update their kitchens and other areas of the home in a fraction of the time of a full remodel.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits? Get a free, no-obligation quote for kitchen cabinet refacing in Fullerton today, and see just how affordable a new kitchen can be.

What to Consider Before Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Before you start a kitchen cabinet refacing project, it’s time to consider your options. Some things you will need to choose include:

  • Overall style you like
  • Color
  • Finish
  • Hardware
  • Extras you need to make your kitchen more functional

Once you have a basic idea in mind about what you are looking for, request your free quote. You will quickly see that an updated kitchen is well within your budget. Let us help you realize your dreams for a new, vibrant and updated kitchen space!

What Customers Have to Say About Our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Contractors

“The project involved replacing the kitchen, cabinets and doing the floors as well. It was a big deal to me and so, they made it feel like it was a big deal to them as well. I had a designer assigned to me and she was wonderful and very helpful.

They presented all the design options, then allowed the timing needed to adjust, and then decide. I never felt pressured and it was very reassuring to know how accessible they were. They are absolutely customer service oriented and I highly recommend the company.” – M. Jayson

“People were a pleasure to work with, both personally and professionally. They walked through the entire kitchen renovations.

Our Designer quickly realized the look we wanted to achieve. The quality of the kitchen cabinets, appliances, materials selected and his design, by far exceeded our expectations. The whole crew went above and beyond their duties in completing our home kitchen and bathroom renovations.” – C. Garcia

“The quality of their work is amazing. Whatever they did looks solid, modern, and fresh. They worked by the book, complying with all our requirements.

So everything they renovated will be durable and lasting. Moreover, seeing their outstanding performance and crystal honesty, I asked them to do some extra work that I hadn’t planned before. And I was so glad when they agreed.” – J. Davis