High-Quality Cabinet Refacing Services in Mission Viejo

The kitchen is a very important room in the home, and every now and then it needs a little sprucing up. But it’s not as difficult as you might think! Consider cabinet refacing if you don’t want to completely remodel your kitchen, but really want a new look.

Refacing is also a great option for homeowners on a budget who want to liven up their kitchen and add value to their home. You can spice things up in this highly frequented portion of your home by adding a few new accessories. When you enlist Kitchen Cabinet Refacing you can choose from an array of new kitchen accessories that will enhance the room’s function and form.

Understanding Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a concept that many homeowners don’t thoroughly understand. Just what is this process, and how can it help you enjoy a more fashionable kitchen? Here’s a closer look at what cabinet refacing involves.

Cabinet refacing is an option to upgrade and update your home’s cabinets without having to completely remove and replace them. This means for homeowners in Mission Viejo, cabinet refacing allows for a faster and more affordable upgrade to the kitchen.

When you partner with a remodeling contractor for kitchen refacing, you begin the process by choosing the style you want. Choose color, material, hardware and more to create a custom look to your Mission Viejo kitchen. Then, your contractor will remove the front of all of the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, leaving the frame and pulls behind.

Next, the contractor will place a new stain or laminate on the frame to ensure it matches your final design. Finally, the contractor will replace the drawer and cabinet fronts with your chosen style, giving your kitchen a completely upgraded and fresh look. In just a fraction of the time and with far less mess and experience than traditional kitchen remodels you can revolutionize the look of your kitchen.

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing in Mission Viejo

Why should homeowners in Mission Viejo consider cabinet refacing? There are several benefits to this process that are worth considering. Here are some of them.

  • Save money. Because cabinet refacing uses less raw material and takes less time, it costs far less than a complete replacement. You can have an updated space with a fraction of the total cost of other remodeling options.
  • Save time. Are you in a hurry to update your cabinets? It takes less time to refinish the cabinets than it does to replace them, so you will enjoy less disruption to your family and home.
  • Save resources. You will use fewer materials when you opt to reface your cabinets instead of refinishing them, and this makes a positive change that everyone can enjoy.
  • Enjoy greater customization. With cabinet refacing, you can fully customize your home’s cabinets to be exactly what you want. Classic, modern, or retro, the choices are yours! Add features too, like lazy Susans, dish holders, and rotating corner cabinets when you invest in refacing.

As you can see, there are several benefits that cabinet refacing offers and a few drawbacks. What’s not to love about saving money, time, and resources? With cabinet refacing, you can be enjoying a fresh, updated space sooner than you thought possible.

Cabinet Refacing in Mission Viejo – Not Just for Kitchens

While most people think of the kitchen when they plan for cabinet refacing, that’s not the only option. You can also enjoy cabinet refacing for any other room in your home that has cabinets, including the bathroom. If your bathroom cabinetry is in need of an upgrade, have them refinished instead of replaced to tackle the problem quickly. If there is any other room in your home that’s in need of an upgrade, cabinet refacing can provide that option.

Custom Cabinetry in Mission Viejo by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If you’re ready to transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom with custom cabinetry from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, contact us! We can’t wait to help you achieve the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams through our cabinet refacing service in Southern California. Call now—(800) 581-0694!

What Customers Have to Say About Our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Contractors

“The project involved replacing the kitchen, and cabinets and doing the floors as well. It was a big deal to me and so, they made it feel like it was a big deal to them as well. I had a designer assigned to me and she was wonderful and very helpful. They presented all the design options, then allowed the timing needed to adjust, and then decide. I never felt pressured and it was very reassuring to know how accessible they were. They are absolutely customer service oriented and I highly recommend the company.” – M. Jayson

“People were a pleasure to work with, both personally and professionally. They walked through the entire kitchen renovations. Our Designer quickly realized the look we wanted to achieve. The quality of the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and materials selected, and his design, by far exceeded our expectations. The whole crew went above and beyond their duties in completing our home kitchen and bathroom renovations.” – C.  Garcia

“The quality of their work is amazing. Whatever they did looks solid, modern, and fresh. They worked by the book, complying with all our requirements. So everything they renovated will be durable and lasting. Moreover, seeing their outstanding performance and crystal honesty, I asked them to do some extra work that I hadn’t planned before. And I was so glad when they agreed.” – J. Davis