10 Signs to Spot on a High-Quality Kitchen Cabinet (Infographic)

Posted on: December 3, 2019

With the growing popularity of custom-made kitchen cabinets in the current market, finding the most appropriate one for your home isn’t enough. You must also be aware of how those cupboards are made in terms of quality.

Here are ten of the surefire indicators that you’re about to buy a new set of kitchen cabinets with high quality design:

10 Signs to Spot on a High-Quality Kitchen Cabinet

Sign #1 – A Strong Back Panel

The back panel is one of the essential parts of a cabinet, as it helps a lot in carrying more of the kitchenware’s weight. To avoid purchasing cabinets that are prone to collapsing, consider checking the back panel. The strength of the rear panel can be judged based on the material used, as well as its thickness. Choose a cabinet with a back panel made from heavy plywood of at least 3/8 inches.

Sign #2: Has Soft-Close Hinges Installed 

There are several types of hinges available for cabinets, but soft-close hinges are by far the best. Aside from the fact that it avoids the frames from getting undesirable marks due to slammed doors, soft-close hinges are also designed to limit the friction made by constant use, extending the life of the hinge itself.

Sign #3: Has I-beams Installed

I-beams provide additional support and keep the proper alignment and shape of the cabinet for extended periods of time. Ask your kitchen cabinet provider if the cabinets you’re about to purchase are installed with I-beams.

Sign #4: Has a Melamine Interior

Take a look at the interior part of the cabinets and check the surface if it’s coated with melamine. It makes the inside part of the cabinets non-porous, which makes it pretty easy to clean.

Sign #5: Has Hardwood Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Most of the signs of wear and tear in cabinets usually start from the drawer boxes. To have a set of durable drawer boxes, you better find those that are made with dovetail joints. This means that the sides of the boxes are put together with a set of interlocking teeth. Dovetail drawer boxes are considerably stronger than traditional staples and notched butt joints.

Sign #6: The Drawer Boxes are Made from either Plywood or Particle Board

In case you have to choose between these two materials, plywood is definitely the stronger one. See if the sides of the cabinets are made from plywood. Many high-quality kitchen cabinets today tend to maintain their shape during transportation because of the beneficial properties of plywood and particleboard materials.

Sign #7: Has Face Frames

Going between framed or frameless cabinets is highly optional, but having face frames is undoubtedly a sign of a durable and high-quality cabinet. This is because the purpose of a cabinet frame is to serve as a sturdy hardwood base for the attachment, which also helps in preventing damage during installation.

Sign #8: Has Soft-Close Drawer Glides

Aside from the hinges, a high-quality kitchen cabinet possess drawer glides that enable the drawers to be used properly without any problems such as getting stuck or loose. One good example of these is a soft-close drawer glide. You can as well check a high-quality drawer glide by merely opening the cabinet drawer and see if it can be fully opened.

Sign #9: Has a Wide Variety of Options for Customizability and Modification

It’s a no-brainer that every homeowner loves to have a personalized kitchen. A kitchen cabinet provider that can offer the highest quality of cabinets possible must also be ready to present a wide variety of choices as long as customizability and modifications are concerned. This can range from the colors, styles, sizes, and other features depending on the needs of their customers.

Sign #10: Has a Good Warranty and Industry Certification

While the warranty is not technically a sign of high-quality kitchen cabinets, it’s still a good sign that the provider is confident about their product. It also keeps you from facing any hassles and anxiety on whether the money you spend is indeed a worthy one.

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