2022 Color Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: February 3, 2022

Living in your house may trigger you to upgrade your kitchen. It is where you prepare your meals to entertain your family and your friends. It can also be a place to set up a temporary office while working from home.

Maybe you are researching how you can make your dream kitchen come true from time to time. But before doing anything else, it is worth considering the trending color ideas for your kitchen cabinets first, as this will give a focal point for your upgrade. You can discuss what you have in your mind anytime soon with a kitchen cabinet refacing Orange County company.

This 2022, here are the color ideas you can steal for your kitchen cabinets.


Start your year right with one of the most classic colors you can get. White is still one of the most popular color choices for your kitchen cabinets. Aside from being timeless, it is a good choice for resale value. You can choose black or gold pulls and handles to make a statement.


Seeing blue is like seeing peace all over. The vibrant shades of blue as pops of color in your kitchen design are one of the accents that you can steal anytime. It can also offer you a wide range of choices. Some deviate towards classic white and gorgeous blue shade to achieve a more cheerful aura in the kitchen. It can dominate your backdrop, too, making it more dashing whether you have a modern or rustic traditional house.


Natural and organic, who can say no to this kind of vibe when you prepare your meals? Most definitely, this would look nice in any part of your home, especially your dining hall. Green is said to be another extensive color of 2022. Homeowners can incorporate the warm color of green with natural shades of wood elements such as walnuts and oaks.

Matte Gray

If you think darker colors will be too empowering, then it’s time to change your mind, as darker shades of gray will surely be a hit this 2022! Whether you design your white kitchen cabinet with a matte gray accent or combining gray cubbies with a more earthy style will surely be great. This trend tends to be a hit for sure. It has a decent modern feel that is stylish in many ways.


As early as 2022, try contacting an expert with cabinet refacing Orange County to know which one is most applicable to your cabinets. A refacing company will know such details. They are also professional in handling any issues with your existing cabinets. They are known to beautify your kitchen cabinets, a cheaper alternative for remodeling the entire cabinetry.

Meanwhile, if you are not planning to stay at your current home, it is good to keep in mind the resale value or future buyers. It will always be worth adding pops of colors to enhance your whole kitchen look.

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