4 Innovations that Changed the Kitchen Industry Forever

Posted on: March 5, 2019


For the past years, science has made several breakthroughs that made our day-to-day lives easier and much more convenient. This statement tends to prove itself in almost every aspect of life, even in our household, especially the kitchen.

During the pre-historic era, people used to cook their meals on a fire they made using branches of wood scattered around either from their abode or to the nearby forest. This man’s idea of designating a place for preparing food eventually paved the way for the development of a workplace located inside the home for cooking food and storing stuff. And yes, we are talking about the kitchen.

This article will discuss about four of the greatest milestones in kitchen history that made that gallery of yours the way it is today.

Innovations that Changed the Kitchen Industry Forever

Advanced styles and techniques in kitchen design

Cooking in the past is just as simple as burning your food on a fire to make it more edible. However, as the age goes by, the humankind was able to apply certain techniques and styles not only on the preparation on the food but also on how certain kitchen elements were invented to meet the demands of people for a word worth mentioning; convenience. Chimneys became so popular before the 12th century in order to keep the kitchen from accumulating too much smoke while cooking. Some newer variations of chimneys were designed so that it can also serve other purposes such as purifying the air, repelling pest, and even sustaining the continuous circulation of air.

Aside from chimneys, modular kitchen range is also created to fulfill the same goal similar to the former. They sometimes come with features like built-in cooking hob that connects with the countertop or a pullout slide that can be used for dining. This technology makes a specific kitchen space to be more versatile and flexible for any use.

Modern Appliances

Innovations will never exist without the help of modern appliances. With the widespread utilization of things like coffee makers, water purifiers, induction cooktop, microwave oven, fryers, and vegetable choppers, kitchen work has always been easier to handle compared to before. These devices simply lessened the time people spent on the kitchen so that they can focus more on other equally important things.

Additionally, appliances also gave aesthetic quality on the overall look of the kitchen.

Storage Drawers

According to an article in Kitchen Art Design:

“Kitchen storage has long been one of the most dissected and researched topics in the kitchen cabinet industry. It is basically considered to be one of the main pillars of stylish and functional kitchen design.”

Speaking about cabinet drawers, these trusty enclosed storage cupboards continue to become sturdier and even tougher as soon as the newest options for design and materials started to be commercially available. What’s more is that due to new features in customization, drawers can now host other important stuff like blenders, pots, and pans.

The introduction of backsplash materials

When it comes in kitchen design and renovation, choosing the perfect material plays a major part. As for the backsplashes, the introduction of durable materials like glass, copper, ceramic, limestone, steel, and among others, backsplashes became an influential part of the kitchen indeed.