5 Affordable Upgrades for your Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: January 9, 2021

Keeping your cabinets functional and stylish can benefit your home in different ways. A highly appealing cabinet can become the focal point of an entire kitchen, which in turn provides you an opportunity to enhance the value of your home. Moreover, as it occupies a significant amount of your kitchen’s visual space, you can change the overall look of your kitchen by just investing on some storage upgrades alone.

In case you recently moved to a new house and you cannot afford a full kitchen remodeling service at the moment, you can still enhance your meal prep area by focusing on your existing storage. There are several ways of upgrading your cabinetry such as kitchen cabinet refacing, and repainting, which are relatively cheaper compared to buying a new one.

Here are other cost-effective kitchen cabinet makeovers that you might want to try for your kitchen:

Open Shelving

You can consider turning your wall cabinets into a set of open shelves to make your kitchen cozier and provide convenient access to your spices and other cooking essentials. Open shelves, as the name implied, are cabinets without doors, and can be commonly seen in many traditional kitchen designs.

Replacing Hardware

If you think there is no need for your old cabinets to be replaced yet, you can still improve its look by buying new hardware, such as knobs and pulls. The market is full of cabinet hardware with varying designs that can match your preferences without spending too much money.

Gray Paint

Neutral-colored paints can work wonders regardless of what kind of kitchen design you have. Your cabinets can be painted with gray for a more subtle but aesthetic appearance that can give a chance for your other kitchen units to shine, like the countertops.

Glass-Front Cabinets

If you want to design your kitchen by showing your random collections on display, you can always go for glass-front cabinets. You can change your wooden cabinet doors with the glass-front ones to fill your cabinets with attractive decorations. However, for those who only prefer having glass cabinets, it is still possible to hide cupboards’ contents with an opaque or frosted glass.

Corner Cabinets

Never let those awkward corners of your kitchen be put into waste. You can increment your storage solutions with the help of corner cabinets, which can be installed with different accessories to suit your needs. Some of the most useful add-ons for corner cabinetry include lazy susans, towel racks, and spice racks.

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