5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet (Infographic)

Posted on: February 26, 2019


Practicality is perhaps the best benefit that kitchen cabinet refacing services can offer. It allows a minor kitchen renovation that brings quite a lot of changes to the aesthetic quality of your cooking area.

When it comes in kitchen cabinet refacing, customer’s satisfaction is very important and is considered as top priority.

On the other hand, it is also vital for any customer to be knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of the refacing process, in order to avoid any errors that can bring adverse effects on the looks and functionality of the whole kitchen.

These are five of the most common mistakes to avoid if you’re planning to reface your kitchen cabinet soon:

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Mismatched Layout

Before refacing your cabinet, make sure to take the layout of the kitchen into full consideration. Remember that refacing can change the way your kitchen looks, including the position of each of your appliances.

Not doing this could result in problems such as opening issues between the cabinet drawer and other kitchen appliances like refrigerator, microwaves, water, dispenser, etc.

Always choose the cabinet that will match the style with the rest of your kitchen.

  1. Poor Communication with the Refacer

This mistake is not only common in kitchen cabinet refacing. Having good communication with your refacing service provider can help you have the best kitchen cabinet that you truly desire. It also decreases the odds of having some errors on the design and the choice of material on the part of the refacer.

Moreover, if you are able to maintain a friendly relationship with your refacer, you might even avail some discounts or helpful advice on maintaining that newly refaced cabinet of yours! Who knows?

  1. Bad Planning

Another problem when having your cabinet refaced is the poor execution of your plan. Poor planning will not only cost you more bucks, but it can also waste some of your valuable time. So never neglect to do a clear and thorough planning especially on estimating the duration of the refacing process. Ensure everything including the small details like the new drawers, hinges, color, size, and the materials you are opting the refacer to use.

Of course, don’t forget the budget. It is better to talk to your kitchen cabinet service provider to learn more about your expenses and if there are any discounts and other offers currently available.

  1. Rushing with the Process

If it’s quality you need, don’t be hasty and impatient. Your cabinet will be newly refaced eventually. Since the work only covers the cabinetry, you can still go on with your day-to-day kitchen chores.

At the same time, don’t start the refacing project before determining the size of your surrounding appliances.

  1. Focusing too much on fashion

Kitchen cabinet refacing is not only about a total makeover. One of its purposes is to upgrade the working condition of the cabinets by installing new drawers, doorknobs, and hinges on each of the compartments. When looking for materials, prefer the strong and durable ones. A high-quality kitchen cabinet can last for over a decade, which is why prioritizing function over fashion is a much better decision indeed.

Be sure to avoid these five mistakes so that you can avail the best kitchen cabinet you deserved.

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