5 Custom Features for Better Cabinet Organization

Posted on: September 22, 2022

Form and function are top priorities when it comes to designing a kitchen. Regardless of kitchen space, creating meals for your family will be a joy when the kitchen is neat and convenient. A functional kitchen is easy to achieve with the help of smart solutions that you can incorporate into the kitchen without spending too much. So, here are five custom features that will help you organize your kitchen better.

The Drop Zone

A drop zone is usually found at the end of the cabinet run and can store items unsuited for other storage systems. They can also be used for gadgets and charging stations. Drop zones come in base and wall cabinets and can be as small as 3″ wide. Moreover, full-height drop zones provide much storage space and can be a good option for cleaning items and supplies.

Additional Drawers and Shelves

You can install simple drawers to hold small items or heavy-duty drawers for more oversized items. You can also install freestanding drawer units inside the cabinets. These custom cabinetry features can make your kitchen more convenient by placing things like pots and pans in them.

Shelves are another excellent way to keep things organized. Rollout shelves are helpful for more significant items but work best in base cabinets. Appliance lift shelves, which prove to be very useful, are similar to pulldown shelves but offer more accessible access to appliances. These additional storage ideas are also suitable for giving you more counter space.

Install Cabinet Lighting

Some manufacturers offer built-in lighting inside the cabinet box, which makes it easier to find items. Though some people see it as unnecessary, under-the-cabinet lighting does more than accentuate a kitchen area. It can also serve as task lighting that eliminates shadows which helps see kitchen tasks better.

Installing cabinet lighting is much easier now than before because of the availability of LED strip lights. So, go ahead and find that spot that needs illumination.

Avail of Kitchen Organizing Tools

When you decide on custom cabinetry, make sure that aside from style and finish, consider things that will enhance your decor while maximizing storage space. There are countless kitchen organizing items to choose from. You can get your cabinets customized with features such as cutlery trays for drawer organization, lazy susans for smaller kitchen items used occasionally or daily, spice racks for your condiments and seasonings, and more.

Enclosed Trash Bins

To take a few steps to throw trash when you have little time to prepare food can be daunting. Perhaps installing an enclosed trash bin will help? Fully enclosed trash bins must be separated from the cabinet where you keep your pans and pots. Having it in a slide-out style drawer near your food preparation counter will keep it near you but out of sight.

Bonus Tip:

Before you start shopping for custom cabinets, make sure to take measurements of your available space. Consult a designer to help you choose the most effective cabinets if necessary. It is also important to tell your cabinet maker what type of storage options and accessories you want. A well-configured cabinet should provide you with the most storage space while being convenient and organization friendly.

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