5 Easy ways to Upgrade Your Cabinets

Posted on: December 30, 2020

Kitchen cabinets, especially the high-quality ones typically last for over 50 years. Considering that cabinets are made from such delicate materials like wood, these storage solutions are the known to be the units with the longest lifespan in the kitchen. However, it doesn’t mean that letting your cupboard alone for such a long period of time is fine, especially if you want to increase the value of your home through kitchen remodeling.

If you find your old cupboards looking too plain and outdated, there are several ways of how you can take its beauty and functionality to the next level. Here are five easy ways of upgrading your cabinets:

repainting-furniture-with-diy-featured image


The distinctive texture of wood makes many cabinets highly customizable through painting. Taking advantage of cabinet repainting requires proper choice in terms of color, so make sure that the new color will compliment with your existing kitchen style. This process is one of the most cost-effective cabinet upgrades since it can be done through DIYs and you only need to invest on paints like acrylic, latex, and gloss finish together with some painting materials.


Another easy upgrade that you can do to your cabinets is by applying removable wallpaper. Even a wallpaper can add a pop and pattern to your old and worn-out cupboards, as long as it will also fit with your kitchen’s design or color palette. Make sure that when you put wallpaper both on the exterior and interior part of the cupboard for a more consistent appearance.

Replacing the Old Hardware

Small as they are, but your cabinet knobs and pulls can make a difference if you will swap them with new and more updated ones. When looking for new hardware, always remember match them with the width of the old hardware so that you don’t have to drill additional holes to your cupboards.

Drawer Dividers

Reorganize the contents of your cabinets by integrating wooden drawer dividers! These accessories don’t cost that much and can be useful for storing utensils and other stuff that you want find right away the moment you need them.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

While refacing is not cheap as the other cabinet upgrades in this list, it can be a worthy investment for your cupboards in the long run. This is because with cabinet refacing in Trabuco Canyon, you are basically retaining your old cupboards, but it won’t be the same as before. Your cabinet’s door and drawer fronts will be removed and replaced together with the application of a new veneer over the surface of the cupboard’s body. After all of the modifications of the refacing process, your old cabinets will be as good as new.

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