5 Things to Consider Before Installing Ceiling-to-Floor Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: August 16, 2020

Throughout the years, kitchen cabinet manufacturers have found different ways to innovate modern cupboards so that it can be compatible with any type of kitchen design. Wall cabinets can be installed in an elevated position, while base cabinets with high storage capabilities are designed to rest at the floor. There are also the freestanding cabinets, which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

But for this blog, we are going to talk about a more unorthodox and emerging variation of cupboards, the ceiling-to-floor cabinets. If you want a more modernistic approach to your kitchen storage, ceiling-to-floor kitchens are excellent in maximizing the space and providing a place to highlight your kitchen appliances.

To help you set up your kitchen for installing ceiling-to-floor cabinets, here are some of the important things that you need to consider:

Establish a sense of Symmetry

When it comes to designing a kitchen using ceiling-to-floor kitchen cabinets, one of the crucial factors that you should always consider is symmetry. It’s essential that you keep almost every kitchen unit looked like a part of a big puzzle, which can make the meal prep area highly appealing. To do this, you can customize ceiling-to-floor cabinets in a way that it will surround an appliance, such as an oven or refrigerator.

Add up some Worktop Space

Aside from being compatible only for bigger kitchens, another downside of ceiling-to-floor kitchen cabinets is that it since it occupies a large area from floor to the ceiling, you are basically sacrificing some worktop space in exchange of storage. To neutralize the lack of surface dedicated for meal preparations, you might need to install a separate kitchen island.

Put some Gap for Windows

Avoid placing your ceiling-to-floor kitchen cabinets in walls with open windows. But in case you have no other choice, make sure to put some gap for the windows. Letting the light inside your kitchen will make the room much brighter, preventing it from looking to cramped and isolated.

Go for Integrated Appliances

Since the ceiling-to-floor cabinets can cover the entirety of a wall, it can be an ideal opportunity to use integrated appliances. A common sight for contemporary kitchen styles integrated appliances can occupy the same place as the cupboards, saving a lot of precious space as a result.

Try a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

If it happens that you’re also planning for a kitchen layout, the best example that can go with ceiling-to-floor appliances is the U-shaped kitchen layout. This type of layout puts the majority of the kitchen units into three adjacent walls, forming the shape of letter U. It further maximizes the efficiency of ceiling-to-floor cabinets as it lessens the distance between multiple work stations. It also provides an additional worktop surface by integrating a long kitchen island for organizing kitchen tools and food ingredients.

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