5 Most Popular Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: September 16, 2020

The color of your cabinets serves an important purpose in the overall appearance of your kitchen. As the main providers of space dedicated to storage, kitchen cabinets occupy a significant portion of an area, making them highly noticeable to the human eyes. If you can choose a cabinet color that looks consistent with the rest of your kitchen’s color scheme, you are basically adding a lot of aesthetic value to your home.

While repainting your cabinets is considered to be the most straightforward way, there are a couple of other methods of how you can achieve the best color for your cupboards. Both can be more expensive compared to repainting, but the results are truly worth their price. The first is getting rid of your old cabinets and replace them with a set of newly-built custom-made cabinets. The second method is more affordable than buying a new one. Kitchen cabinet refacing can cover your old cabinets with a layer of veneer that can be available in varying patterns and colors. This process doesn’t take that much time, and you can also have your cupboard’s doors and drawers replaced with more updated hardware.

Once you finally decided which of the methods you prefer, it’s time to pick the best color for your cabinets. We have listed five of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors that you might want to consider:

Warm and Deep Grays

The attractiveness of the neutral gray can be highly subjective. However, the thing that brings more people to have gray-colored cabinets is its compatibility with a wide range of colors. In case you want to go all out in painting your kitchen walls, keeping a neutral color like grey to your cabinets is an excellent idea.

Rejuvenating Blues

There are many hues to choose from if you fancy a set of blue cabinets. Whether it’s turquoise, cyan, or navy, the color blue can be quite refreshing to look at. Paired with other colors like white, it can help your kitchen appear brighter.

Minimalist White

Going overboard with the color white for your kitchen is not recommended unless you are into a minimalistic design. However, having white-colored cabinets are still prevalent in the market due to its capability to make the kitchen looked clean and classic.

Dark Wood

Some cabinets with dark wood tones (such as cherry and ebony) are always oozing with rustic charm that emanates around the kitchen area. If you’re building a farmhouse or a vintage kitchen, dark wood cabinets might be the right choice.

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-toned kitchen cabinets deserve a special mention in this list of popular cupboard colors. By having a two-color combination between the wall cabinets and the base cabinets, it can be easy to establish a sense of harmony that intensifies the beauty of your kitchen storage.

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