5 Most Popular Types of Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: October 7, 2020

In kitchen design, rustic is a term commonly described as a form of traditional style where natural elements such as wood are introduced in an area to provide a unique, cozy, and vintage-like ambiance. Its emphasis on using organic materials enables the space to appear welcoming as if you are living with nature. Some of the best examples of rustic style include Tuscan, coastal, and farmhouse designs.

Turning your kitchen into a rustic utopia can be achieved in several ways. But if you are on a limited budget, you can start by paying attention to your storage. Kitchen cabinets typically occupy a significant portion of visual space, making them an ideal way to integrate any form of rustic design.

Whether you are planning to purchase new cupboards for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, you simply need to seek the help of a kitchen cabinet refacing service; here are five of the most notable types of rustic kitchen cabinets.

Mediterranean Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic kitchens can also feature a variety of colors apart from brown. Mediterranean blue is a good palette that provides an aesthetic glow to an area full of natural vibes. It is ideal for keeping wooden flooring and applying the bluish hue to all of your cupboards.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Another kitchen cabinet type that can be an excellent addition to your rustic kitchen plan is a set of gray kitchen cabinets. Though gray is not traditionally known to mix with rustic designs, you can establish some visual harmony by installing neutral-colored and wood-themed backsplashes that will serve as the “missing link” between your cabinets’ style and the rest of the kitchen.

Parisian Patisserie Style Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen cabinet style would be an ideal choice if you wanted to go for a hardcore rustic meal preparation area. By introducing teal, you can use a passive-looking color that brings a whole new level of elegance and nostalgia to your kitchen.

Rustic Soho Bistro Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic can also look modern as well. While this can be counter-intuitive, opting for a modern European style kitchen will not reduce the area’s overall charisma and rusticity. These cabinets are commonly seen on transitional kitchen designs, where the traditional elements are combined with the contemporary ones to create a one-of-a-kind style.

Country Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

Given the scenario that you want to focus your rustic style in the storage within your granite countertops, the country cottage kitchen will be your best choice. Paired with black-colored appliances such as your fridge, your cabinets can look exceptionally classy with its rustic wood panels and shelves. While the color does not look that prominent compared to the other units, what makes country cottage kitchen cabinets highly appealing is its simplicity, which is a defining characteristic of rustic design.

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