5 Tips When Arranging Dishes in Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: September 12, 2019

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important parts not only in your kitchen but also to your house as a whole. Since things could become pretty hectic in the kitchen all day long, it is integral for every household owner to learn how to use the cupboard storage in a way that will keep every item inside the kitchen well-organized. And speaking about kitchen items, have you already considered taking some of your dishes to your cabinetry?

5 Tips When Arranging Dishes in Kitchen Cabinets

If you think your fragile plates are better to be placed on dish racks, you will be surprised how equally convenient it would be if you considered storing them to your cabinet. In fact, there are several ways of how you can strategically arrange your dishes as you put them inside!

  1. Place your regularly used dishes on lower shelves

The lower shelves are quite easier to reach compared to upper shelves. This makes the lower shelves the better place for your everyday dishes. You can invest in some high-quality shelf organizers or cabinet risers to further improve the accessibility of your dishes.

  1. Turn some of your cabinet space into open shelving

Open shelving is an excellent storage area for large circular items such as dishes. In case you already have a dish rack, you may as well place it right on the shelves to conserve more space on your countertop.

If you’re interested in turning your cabinets into open shelving, you can check this article to know more about it benefits.

  1. Keep your other dishes in pullout drawers

Now that your everyday dishes are well-secured inside the lower shelves, how about the seldom-used ones? Your pull-out drawers might do the job. Try installing drawers near the dishwasher or the sink to make sure that you can reach them out right away in case you need them.

  1. Reserve some space for kid’s dishes

If you have a bit of children’s cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery, put them all in a very low cabinet banquette, drawer, or window seal that can be opened for storage. This makes it more comfortable for children to access their dishes. Additionally, you can add napkins, placemats and other similar items that your children need when eating.

  1. Put your bowls in low cabinets

Your mixing bowls deserves a better place in the low cabinets especially within close proximity of the stove. You can also install kick drawers for augmenting your storage in the lower portion of your cabinets.

Do you consider your dishes your prized possessions? Try to apply these five tips to increase the efficiency of your daily kitchen tasks! And in case you think your kitchen cabinets look so old and in need of a makeover, you can get a free quote on the best kitchen cabinet refacing company at (800) 581-0694.