5 Types of Kitchen Cabinets Every Homeowner Should Have (Infographic)

Posted on: November 19, 2019

Your kitchen cabinets alone can transform the way of how a particular area looks. While kitchen remodelers of today have already expressed the importance of cabinets in kitchen design, we shall never forget its real purpose, which is to optimize storage space.

If it’s your first time installing kitchen cabinets for your new home, you should be aware of several types of cupboards that could just become a staple choice for many homes in the future!

Take a look at these five types of kitchen cabinets every homeowner should have!

5 Types of Kitchen Cabinets Every Homeowner Should Have

Spice Pull-Out

Designating a specific place for your spices as well as arranging them in an organized way makes food preparation much easier. Thanks to tiered shelves spice pull-outs, all sorts of spices can now be stored within your kitchen cabinets!

Corner Storage

You can maximize your kitchen space by turning them into a storage area by installing corner storage. One good example of corner cabinets that you can try is a well-designed Lazy Susan.

Trash Pull-Out

In case you find your trash bins to be a major eyesore to your beautiful kitchen, why not put them in your kitchen cabinets instead? Trash Pull-Outs are shelves specially designed to host multiple trash bins that enable the homeowners to sort out any waste into recyclable and non-recyclable ones.


While drawers can be considered to be pretty standard, they can be very flexible and ergonomic in terms of storage optimization. Regardless of the design you want for your kitchen (be it modern, classic, farmhouse, transitional, rustic, etc.), drawers offer a distinctive level of versatility.

Vertical Dividers

Typically placed near ovens and pantry area, vertical dividers are best for storing different kitchen items. If you don’t have enough space to house your cookie sheets, baking pan, cutting boards, pie dishes, cooling racks, etc., then vertical dividers are what you’ll need.

When choosing the best kitchen cabinets for your home, it’s better to make the decision yourself other than relying on your contractor or cabinet supplier. Remember that your preference will always play a crucial role in your new kitchen just by looking at the type of cabinetry you have!

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