5 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Options (Infographic)

Posted on: November 7, 2020

Enhancing your kitchen storage can be done in three ways: cabinet replacing, refacing, and repainting. In case you are willing to invest some of your budgets in either buying new cabinets or refacing your old cupboards, one of the factors that you might want to consider is the hardware.

Knobs and pulls for your cupboards’ doors and drawers are crucial for maintaining the functionality of your storage. Smaller details, like cabinet hardware, also play a vital role in the aesthetic quality of your kitchen. Even the most durable cupboard can look odd with improper hardware selection, so matching your cabinet drawers and pulls with your overall kitchen design is crucial.

If you are not sure what particular kitchen cabinet hardware should you have, take a look at some of the most distinctive options currently available in the market!


While copper can be considered to be a popular cabinet hardware, it comes in many styles that can bring a sense of uniqueness to your storage. The color of copper hardware can help a lot in highlighting the beauty of classical black design to your kitchen by pairing them with a set of all-black cabinets.


There are several unique options for steel cabinet hardware. If it is a more streamlined look you want, steel cabinet hardware can appear more elegant with your stainless steel appliances, especially for contemporary and transitional kitchens.

Brass and Gold

Owning kitchen cabinet hardware with gold or brass-colored coating is another way of providing elegance to your kitchen. With their timeless designs and colors, brass and gold hardware is ideal for transitional kitchens, as well as the traditional ones that are sporting Shaker-style cabinets.


You can brighten up your kitchen using glass hardware. Aside from being an uncommon option for many kitchens, glass hardware is applicable for eclectic, vintage, and country kitchens that need a touch of sparkle.


One of the rarest hardware options among kitchen cabinets, using rope for your drawer pulls is relatively inexpensive and adds some texture and rusticity to your design.

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