5 Things to do with that Wasted Space Above the Cabinet

Posted on: December 11, 2019

Surely enough, it would be easy for you to think of a list of stuff that can be put inside your kitchen cabinet drawers and shelves. These two main components are the ones that help fulfill the primary function of a kitchen cabinet, which is to provide storage for tools and items used for food prep and dining.

However, very few people pay attention to that particular space right at the top of most upper cupboards. Since it’s not that far from the ceiling, it can be barely noticeable from the view of everyone. Not realizing that it can be used in many ways to improve the look and functionality of a kitchen.

Do you want to fill the gaps within that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets? Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Move up the upper cabinets

The most straightforward solution to recapture that space is by moving up the cabinets. You might be thinking that it sounds like a futile attempt because it only moves the awkward space below the cabinets, but you don’t have to worry. You can hang your upper cabinets in higher elevation and add a horizontal shelf for additional storage. There you go, no wasted space anymore.

  1. Place a shelf above the cabinets

If you don’t want to move your cabinets, you can do the reversed way by putting a horizontal shelf right above the cabinets. What to put in those shelves you asked? Your prized dishware collection and other kitchen decorations can do, since placing items that you regularly use in such a great location is not advisable.

  1. Spice up your kitchen design with artworks

Are you into art? In case there is a considerable gap between your cabinets and ceiling, you can fit some good paintings to incorporate artistic elements into your kitchen. Just be sure to keep that space from accumulating too many specks of dust as it will more likely become one of the focal points of your kitchen from now on.

  1. Place baskets in that area

Another option you have is to put some baskets up there and store you rarely used stuff in them. This is pretty much useful especially when your kitchen suffers from insufficient storage. If the above portion of your cabinets is an uneven surface, simply lay a piece of plywood, and your baskets are now secured in more stable positions.

  1. Make it a mini-library of cookbooks

Don’t let your cookbooks scatter around your kitchen and make it messier. Let that space above your kitchen cabinets be a host to your massive collections of kitchen cookbooks or magazines. Instead of leaving them in a separate room, better have them placed near your kitchen working area.

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