5 Ways to Design your Mudroom Cabinets

Posted on: August 1, 2021

Mudroom cabinets are one of the most effective ways to help you organize your mudroom area. Your mudroom will make a solid impression on your guest once it is organized and styled and can function well. It will be best to design your cabinets according to your space and preference. Some homeowners will find it hard to design a small mudroom cabinet, and with large areas, some may also find it challenging given that they will not know what to do on each side.


Here are some ways to design your mudroom cabinets to help you declutter and save your space, regardless if your room has a small or big area.

Use Curtains to Hide Storage

The use of curtains to hide storage is a traditional way to design your cabinets. Some tend to use floral design curtains to add a homier feel and fresh look around your mudroom. At the same time, pastel and plain shades are used to achieve a different tone. If you do not want to see those things around your cubbies or add a cabinet front, this style is for you.

Add Storage Boxes into your Cabinets

If you are not a fan of curtains and door panels in a cabinet and want easy access to your space for your things, adding storage boxes will add an aesthetic look. Some find it cute to see an organized shelf without knowing what’s inside those organization boxes.

Combine Old and Modern Design

Most people want to stick with one design to achieve consistency; however, combining old and modern arrangements is an excellent way to upgrade the look of your mudroom cabinets. Buying a new cabinet will cost a lot, so using an existing one can be great.

You can reface your old cabinets and attach a charming wallpaper sticker to attain a brand-new look. Designing your cabinets doesn’t have to be boring and expensive; you just need to be creative.

Refacing your cabinet offers countless design options when done correctly. It is a process of changing those cabinets, doors, drawers, and handles. When done right, you may opt for designs that will match the theme of your house. In this way, your mudroom will not look stuffy and dull.

Put Accents to your Mudroom Cabinets

Those hooks and hanging racks aren’t there just for used and dirty clothes or hats. Style it by putting accents like a piece of linen to make it more elegant.

Arrange some decorations that will match those linens and achieve a refreshing view. Your mudroom doesn’t need to be dirty all the time. A neat and pleasant cabinet is worth seeing every day.

Incorporate a Small Bench beside your Cubbies

You’re lucky if your mudroom cabinets have a built-in bench already. In this way, it is easier for you and other people to take a seat and put or take off their shoes.

However, it is not that hard to put a small chair beside your cubbies if your cabinet doesn’t have that. A small bench will add a great benefit to your family members or even visitors. The area under the chair will be a great space for dirty shoes or slippers.


Designing your mudroom cabinets is up to you at the end of the day. Cabinets can be styled as much as you want but remember to always opt for an organization. After all, that’s what cabinets are for. Some designs can match your cubbies, and some may not. So, it is best to research what’s best for your cabinets and go for something that will look good aesthetically and can still function.

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