5 Ways to Improve Kitchen Space with Lazy Susan (Infographic)

Posted on: September 17, 2019

A Lazy Susan is a type of circular tray or turntable that is normally placed on a table or a countertop. It is originally designed for dining tables in order to aid in moving the meals around for the diners regardless of their position in the table.

According to available records, the name “Lazy Susan” was first coined in 1917, after Vanity fair advertisement for a new kitchen product called “Revolving Server or Lazy Susan.”  Manufactured by an American company called Ovington, this item is made from mahogany and has a price of $8.50 each.

However, the term is known to predate the item’s actual date of invention. People have been using Lazy Susan ever since the 18th century, though it was often referred to as “dumbwaiters.”

Despite the advent of modern technology, Lazy Susan were able to pass the test of time and its design is continually changing to meet the needs of today’s consumers. In some kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing companies are making some ways to innovate this product.

If you thought that Lazy Susan are only for dining tables alone. Think again! In case you’re looking for alternative ways in maximizing your kitchen storage, installing Lazy Susan might be a good choice for you!

Using Lazy Susan to Improve Your Kitchen Storage

Improving Kitchen Space with Lazy Susan

  1. Storing Baking Supplies

Do you have a hobby in baking? Baking can be fun and messy activity at the same time. Keeping them on a Lazy Susan drawer on your cupboards makes it quicker for you to locate smaller items such as vanilla extract and sprinkles.

  1. Spice Rack

In case you’re having some hard time organizing your plethora of spice bottles and seasonings, you should try putting them on your Lazy Susan. Just arrange them based on their contents and uses and see how convenient it would be to simply rotate the Lazy Susan to find what you need as you cook.

  1. Keeping Your Cooking Ingredients in Order

Even your larger cooking ingredients can have a place on your Lazy Susan. With easier access, a Super or Half-Moon Lazy Susan is ideal for storing pasta, and jars containing random ingredients like oatmeal, milk, etc.

  1. Using Bins to Secure Kitchen Items

While it may look like your wasting some space, putting bins containing related items on your Lazy Susan is a trick to make things a lot easier for you. Additionally, it keeps some of your fragile kitchen items intact and safe as you rotate the drawer.

  1. Learn not to stack everything

Avoid making the mistake of stacking random items such as jars and cans on your Lazy Susan. Once you moved the drawer you can end up with a bunch of falling items on the floor.

Using Lazy Susan can be an advantage to optimize your day-to-day kitchen activities. If you still don’t have one, you better consider having one for your corner cabinets right now!

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