How to Achieve a Minimalist Kitchen Design [Infographic]

Posted on: August 15, 2021

Since the kitchen is where you spend most of your time, it is only fitting to have a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy your view while preparing and taking your meals. Most of the time, you opt to clean your kitchen but end up being stressed about many unnecessary things around you. Choosing the right design and achieving an organized kitchen look without sacrificing your old furniture can be challenging.


However, there are things that you can do to your space, such as embracing minimalism as your décor and style. Here is how you can achieve a minimalist kitchen design.

Starting your Journey in Minimalism

Accepting change is the first step to this kind of journey. It would be best if you accept that less is more. Less furniture and things around you can make a big difference in achieving a more organized and neater countertop in your kitchen. Start by looking around your kitchen and declutter what’s not important. Decluttering and deciding what’s important will take time, but you can see drastic results after this.

Find a Home for Everything

Let’s face it, everything in your house has sentimental value. That’s why removing unnecessary things in your kitchen may be hard. To achieve minimalism, you should find a new home for your old things, and you can donate it and give it to your neighbor or another family to use it too. However, if you are not ready yet for that, making sure that all your things have a permanent place to be stored when you are not using them.

Remove all the Expired Items in your Kitchen

Look around your kitchen; after decluttering, you’ll be surprised at how much space you can still have in your area. This time, find everything that expired months ago or even years ago. You don’t need them anymore, so put them in your trash. Those freezer meals that have been around for months should be removed away as soon as possible too.

Dedicate a space for your Cookware

Those pans, pots, casseroles, or any appliances you use to cook with should have their own space in your kitchen. You can have a kitchen cabinet that can hold your cookware’s so that everything will be organized.

Reface your Kitchen Cabinet

If you happen to have old, dirty, almost broken kitchen cabinets, it is the right time to reface them. Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing old drawers and broken door panels in your kitchen cabinets without buying the whole new set. Use these cabinets as storage.

While refacing your kitchen cabinetry, use this opportunity to re-think the color scheme in your cabinet. A new color palette that will match the color of your walls can make a dramatic impact.

Remember to Keep your Kitchen Clean and Clutter-Free

Part of maintaining a minimalist aesthetic is regular cleaning. Clutter will always find its way to blend into the mess, and you would not want to go back to how your kitchen used to look, right. Clear your counters as much as possible, and don’t go to bed without a clean kitchen.


Being a minimalist doesn’t have to be boring; you can also add minimal decorations on your wall that compliment your style and design. Doing all these things should become a habit to achieve a minimalist kitchen for a long time. Remember that your clutter can become a mess if not dispose of well.

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