What is a Baroque-Style Kitchen Design?

Posted on: December 20, 2021


Who will not appreciate the extravagant, formal, elegant, and highly decorated interiors that is used during the Baroque period of architecture, style, and art design in the first half of 17th and 18th century? As a homeowner, no one can resist the temptation of incorporating this kind of design especially in their kitchen area. If you are curious about this, then it is time to know what a baroque-style is.

Baroque-style becomes more and more popular in today’s generation, and you can easily pull off this kind of design when you trust an expert. But first, continue reading this article to more about this design.

Origin of Baroque-Style Design

The baroque-style design started in Italy during the 17th century. After garnering praises from many, it spread to France throughout Europe and eventually around the globe. This style is an aesthetic exercise and a sensory demonstration of power. Just like the interiors of most churches and cathedrals in Italy. It fell out of fashion during the middle of 18th century but eventually came back in 19th century. It continued to grow in the following centuries.

Key Characteristic of This Design

This style can execute riot details, but it incorporates decorative elements with an underlying focus on symmetry and elegance. It uses materials and techniques such as lacquer, porcelain, and woods marquetry. It also uses bling or sparkling crystal chandeliers to elaborately bring the details of its design.

For the wall, it has a picturesque ceiling and walls. When it comes to furniture, carvings that are covered with gold and bronze are visible.

Incorporate Baroque-Style in Your Kitchen

It may be challenging to pull off this kind of glamorous design if your home doesn’t scream of any contemporary style in it. However, you can start hiring a professional to exhibit some magic touch in your interiors.

For your kitchen, you can start a cabinet refacing Fullerton. This will allow you to enhance your cabinets which can be a focal point to achieve a baroque-style design kitchen.

Modern Baroque Styling Tips

Contrary to its grandiose design, you may achieve a minimalist Baroque approach with a touch of modern interior style. You can do so by bringing contemporary elements that have Baroque style in them. These pieces can have an impact once you decided to makeover your cubbies. With kitchen cabinet refacing Fullerton you can easily match any modern styling style.


A kitchen with a baroque style is a curvy outline kitchen façade with rich carved pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that if you want to maintain this kind of design, any modern appliances should be disguised as baroque as much as possible to keep your style intact.

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