Benefits of a Soft-Close Cabinet Hinge (Infographic)

Posted on: March 9, 2021

Kitchen cabinet hinges range in varieties, styles, finishes, and characteristics. Regardless of the type of cabinet hardware that you need, you can find it online or in any home improvement store. Despite being an important component in keeping the contents of the cupboards secured, hinges are often overlooked by many homeowners.

Regardless if you want to have your kitchen remodeled or opt for the more adorable kitchen cabinet refacing service, one of the best types of hinges that is definitely a must-try is a soft-close hinge.

Benefits of Soft Close Cabinet Hinge

What is a Soft-close Hinge?

A soft-close hinge is a cabinet hinge installed with a mechanical device that enables the cupboard to be closed without the door slamming into the frame. Since the hinge promotes a slower motion in opening and closing the door, it also eliminates the noise that is common in other types of cabinet hinges.

Here are the reasons as to why soft-close hinges are beneficial to your cupboards:

Extend the Life of Your Cabinets

Soft-close hinges help decrease the damages on your cabinets, such as the wear and tear in the cupboard frames. It can also minimize the stress and friction while moving the doors, making your cabinet more durable for more years to come.

Can Offer a Safer Cabinet Door

Using cabinet doors is often safe to be used by adults, but unwary children can hurt themselves by getting their fingers pinched in some instances. With soft-close hinges, the doors will close slowly, significantly reducing the chances of having injuries for everyone. Moreover, slamming the cabinet doors shut might disrupt the cabinet’s contents, which can also pose another danger if you store heavy or fragile items.

Promote a More Peaceful Kitchen Environment

Cabinet doors that produce a creaking sound that might annoy the other members of your household at night. If you need something from the cupboards, rest assured that your doors will silently slide themselves to resecure your other items.

Can Add to Your Cabinets’ Aesthetics

While hardware does not usually dominate the overall appearance of cabinets, soft-close hinges offer a versatile purpose in the sense that it helps to introduce a hint of elegance into your cabinet build. The streamlined movement of the doors makes your cupboard appear more upscale than its regular counterparts.

Can Increase the Value of Your Home

A soft-close hinge is a highly functional component that provides more lifespan to your cabinets. Potential buyers that are wise enough will realize how you value your kitchen storage by simply paying attention to smaller details, such as the hardware.

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