Benefits of Under-Cabinet Lighting

Posted on: September 25, 2019

As the name implies, under-cabinet lighting is a kitchen accessory that is normally installed under an upper cabinet or shelf in order to provide illumination to a certain work surface. When it comes to kitchen remodeling options, investing in under-cabinet lighting is a practical way to augment visual depth and functionality to your day-to-day chores.

Having under-cabinet lighting can also lead you to a ton of benefits that some homeowners today fail to realize. If you’re planning to install under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen remodeling plan, you might want to educate yourself about its unique features.


Here are the benefits of Under-Cabinet Lighting:

1. Easy to Install

Installing under-cabinet lighting requires a low level of expertise. The process is far from being complicated and it is one of the few tasks that can be DIYed.

2. Energy Efficiency

Do you have problems with your monthly bills? In case you wanted to lower down your expenses in energy, you should opt in buying appliances that are energy-efficient. Energy efficiency refers to the practice of reducing the amount of energy required to complete a specific task. Using the latest technology, manufacturers have integrated this feature to help homeowners lessen their bills in electricity.

Under-cabinet lighting is an energy-efficient tool that saves a lot of energy while keeping the countertops visible anytime especially during night.

3. Creates a Vibrant Vibe to the Kitchen

If you have a kitchen that looks so dull and outdated, adding up some lights might do the trick. The best accessory for that is no other than under-cabinet lighting, as it gives off natural and layered lighting that creates a vibrant vibe to the whole kitchen.

4. Minimal Shadows

The strategic position of under-cabinet lighting enables you to see better when cooking as there are lesser shadows that impede your view.

5. Increases Your Home’s Value

Improving the real estate value of your home might sound like a pretty expensive task, but not with under-cabinet lighting. Since you have the option to install them yourself, you don’t have to spend that much money.

6. More Bulb Options

Under-cabinet lighting is a highly customizable kitchen accessory. There are a lot of bulb options to choose from. Though it is highly recommended to prefer using smaller lights for your project.

7. A Unique Choice

While it doesn’t necessarily mean that under-cabinet lighting is not a popular choice, adding variations to such an accessory can further highlight its beauty. You can use lamps or chandeliers in the ceiling to make your kitchen looked like it came from both past and the future. In other words, what makes under-cabinet lighting a unique choice of style amongst many homes today is that it can aid as a complementary element that combines classical and modern design.

Adequate light can have a noticeable impact on the appearance of a room especially a kitchen. Take advantage of this by installing your own with under-cabinet lighting!