Budget-Friendly Ways to Redo Your Old Countertop

Posted on: October 20, 2021

Are you considering remodeling your old kitchen countertop, but you are on a budget? Well, you do not have to worry about going over the top in terms of costs because there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to redo your old kitchen or bathroom countertops. Remodeling is an expensive endeavor so; you must first decide if the money you would spend for giving it and upgrading is worth it.

Here are some tips for creating a countertop makeover without spending too much.


 There are a lot of different projects that you can do at home that will help you save a lot of money, and one of them is to opt to use tiles and save money by doing a DIY project for your bath or kitchen countertop. Although this DIY is not as easy, you may do a quick search online to see the process of redoing a countertop using tiles. Some use waterproofing or plywood and install it on top of their countertop before setting up the tiles.


 Another budget-friendly way to redo your old countertop is to ask for a granite resurfacing service. By using granite for your countertop, you will find that it will make your kitchen focal point look brand new. Many people would love to have granite countertops in their homes but can’t afford them. These granite resurfacing services will help you to get your dream countertops at a fraction of the cost of granite.


If one can’t still afford a granite resurfacing service, some homeowners ask granite companies for granite scraps. Armed with enough research and How-to tutorials, it can also be a good DIY project to finish.


 In redoing your kitchen countertop, one of the easiest and most suggested ways is to apply a fresh coat of paint to it. Some use regular house paint, while others look for a special countertop paint that leaves a natural stone-like finish. Painting your countertops is a smart way to update them without the need of replacing them.


 Looking for a way to redo a kitchen countertop and still achieve a marble-like finish? Well, it’s easy. You’ll only need 120-grit sandpaper and a feather finish to do this. Simply sand your countertop surface well, dust it, and then apply an even layer of the feather finish and let dry. Then add another 2-3 layers of the feather finish product and the look will be achieved in no time.

In redoing your old countertops, people love the change that it will make to the whole feel of the kitchen and find that the change is worth it. These budget-friendly ways to redo your old countertop will help you to spend less money on your remodeling project.


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