Too Busy to Organize Your Kitchen? Try these 5 Storage Solutions! (Infographic)

Posted on: May 29, 2020

Keeping the kitchen organized can be a lesser priority, especially for people with a hectic schedule. Perhaps because of other commitments such as work, kitchens often get neglected, resulting in accumulation of dust and mold.

Cluttered kitchens can also affect a person’s lifestyle. According to studies, any unorganized part of a home can prompt anyone to practice unhealthy eating. Not only that, but excessive clutter is also known to damage personal relationships. But what if you don’t have enough time to declutter your kitchen?

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of a chaotic-looking kitchen is by enhancing the storage area. Fortunately, kitchen cabinets are now highly customizable to the extent that they are capable of saving a lot of time when it comes to maintaining kitchen organization.

Here are five of the most notable examples:

Too Busy to Organize Your Kitchen? Try these 5 Storage Solutions!

Peg Drawer

Teaching your children simple chores, such as setting up the table before a meal, can be a tricky task. Taking their reach into consideration, you don’t want the kids to climb your countertops just to grab those plates you stored in the upper cabinets. You can install your peg drawers to your lower cupboards for easier access.

Multi-Storage Drawer

The purpose of a multi-storage drawer is pretty straight forward – to make everything stored inside your drawers properly organized. Each drawer contains dividers for separating certain items like utensils, cooking materials, etc.

Sink Storage

Are you tired of moving things simultaneously between your cupboards and the sink? Then you should have them situated in the same area using sink storage. By making good use of a seemingly useless space below the sink, you can optimize some of your most time-consuming kitchen chores like washing the dishes or preparing your meals.

Pantry Cabinet

A pantry cabinet makes an excellent storage solution for snacks and other foods. If your cupboards are already crowded with other stuff, installing a pantry cabinet can work wonders. What’s even worth mentioning is that they can be customized with roll-out trays!

Pull-out Wastebasket

Dealing with waste is now more accessible and convenient with pull-out wastebaskets. These drawer add-ons enable you and your family to keep your bins hidden and prevent any unwanted smells from lingering around the kitchen. It is highly recommended to install pull-out wastebaskets in areas near your islands or sinks.

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