Can a Cabinet Last a Lifetime?

Posted on: July 5, 2022


Most manufacturers or sellers will say a cabinet can last longer depending on its use. Of course, there are many factors you must need to consider before believing in this one. This includes more thorough maintenance.

Over the years, your cabinets will eventually show signs of wear and tear. The good thing about them is that you can still repair them or get them refaced a couple of times. Under normal usage, kitchen cabinets are expected to last 15 to 25 years. If you want your cabinet to last longer, below are the things you can do further.

Clean Your Cabinets 

Of course, cleaning your cubbies won’t make them last a lifetime. But surely it will help them to avoid damage. If you notice some food or sauce splashes, you can wipe them immediately with clean towels with warm water. It is recommended not to use too strong chemicals since it can ruin the paint or cause scratches.

Consider Refacing Your Cabinets

The kitchen cabinet refacing Corona is a process of replacing the door panels, handles, and drawers but keeping the existing framework and shelves as they have. It is the procedure of total improvement of the functionality of your cabinets.
If you have existing cabinets that still serve their function and just need some repair, then refacing is an excellent option. A reputable refacing company can help you make your cabinets look new.

Indications that Your Cabinet Needs Replacing

It was mentioned above that you can repair or look for providers of cabinet refacing Corona when there is visible damage to your kitchen cabinets. You should watch out for some signs before replacing your entire cabinetry.

  • Water Damage: Discoloration, swelling of the door panels or cabinet skin, or if you can no longer close the door properly, water damage may cause it.
  • Can’t Function Anymore: Sometimes, because of some sentimental values, homeowners tend to be blind that their storage is getting out of control. Drawer fronts that do not serve their purpose well because they are starting to fall off indicate that it needs to be replaced.
  • Moldy Storage: Who would want to store their everyday cooking set or utensil in moldy cabinets? When mold is visible, and it continues to grow and worsen, it can compromise the usage of the entire structure of a cabinet.
  • Bad Odor: Smell is one of the most important things you need to look out for. Sometimes, old cabinets may smell nasty. You can clean them and get rid of them, but when you can’t do so anymore, you will need to think of replacing them.
    Replacing your entire cabinet may be challenging because you’ll need to reinvest in it, but it will be worth it once you ensure that your storage is safe and in its best shape.
    No cabinets can last a lifetime, even using the finest materials. But remember, you can take care and maintain them to last longer.

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