Under Cabinet Lighting Tips for the Kitchen

Posted on: January 10, 2023

Adequate meal preparation always entails suitable lighting in kitchens. Most times, cabinets mounted on walls tend to cast shadows on the kitchen counter space making it hard to see what one is doing. It also becomes more challenging to prepare food, with bodies blocking the light source, casting another shadow in the workspace.

Under Cabinet Lighting Solutions

Under cabinet lighting is necessary to shed light on nooks and other dimly lit spaces in the kitchen. However, if homeowners decide to install hard-wired cabinet light fixtures, determine first if the existing electrical system can handle the additional load. Although these lights don’t require much power, they can quickly overload a current circuit.

If the installation of hired-wired under-cabinet lighting is not included in the new home construction, several cabinet modifications will be necessary. Cabinet and electrical work will mean asking professionals from companies like Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to do the job for you. On the other hand, there are different ways to install lighting fixtures to help make food preparation more efficient.

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

Before choosing your preferred under-cabinet lighting, consider these scenarios in your kitchen:

  • Available under cabinet space – How much space do you have for the cabinet lighting? Do you want it situated just at the bottom of the cabinet or hidden behind it for a seamless look? Never forget to check or measure the available space to avoid regretting the lighting fixture purchase.
  • Power source option – Power sources will be necessary if you choose hard-wired or plug-in under cabinet lights. This will need an electrician’s help for a more polished look.

Now we continue with the types of under-cabinet lighting that can help provide adequate illumination for specific kitchen tasks.

Puck Lights

Its item name is derived from its shape and size, which resembles a hockey puck. Low-profile recessed puck lights can be directly inserted into your cabinetry, but installation requires cabinet modifications. This is especially true if you will choose the type that needs plugging into a wall outlet to produce light.

Other puck lights are battery-operated. You can install them, too, in two different ways: screwing or sticking (using adhesive dots.) However, battery-operated puck lights are only for occasional use as battery life is not long unless you buy rechargeable ones.

LED Strips

You can use LED strips for virtually undetectable, effective, and affordable lighting. These lights are great for illuminating dark areas and are easy to install. You can even install these lights under your cabinets, making them a great alternative to overhead lighting.

In addition, LED strips are an energy-efficient and practical light source for your kitchen. They are also flexible and can be curved around corners and curved surfaces. Some of these strips can even extend up to 10 meters.

Light Bars

Light bars may look like fluorescent bar lights placed at the bottom of cabinets. This kind of lighting is ideal when a homeowner prefers even fair distribution in the counter space. Comparing this to puck lights that tend to be light for focused spots or tasks, light bars spread light quickly.


Choosing the right under-cabinet lighting system can help you cut down on energy bills and prevent accidents in the kitchen. Let Kitchen Cabinet Refacing make the difference between a dark and bright space in your home, making it more attractive and increasing productivity.  But selecting a particular type of lighting for a kitchen, first consider budget, style, and other unique requirements. This will benefit you in keeping your family safe and having more enjoyable kitchen times.