Best Cabinet Pulls For Your Flat Panel Cabinets

Posted on: July 24, 2019


If you’re looking to add up some contemporary elements for your kitchen remodeling service, you might want to try having a set of flat panel cabinets. Known for their straightforward and minimalistic appearance, flat panel or slab-door style cabinets utilize the beauty of simplicity in order to provide elegance in the kitchen.

Most flat panel cabinets nowadays exhibit natural colors such as wood grain. But regardless of what color you want, your choice of suitable hardware is a crucial step as it could maximize all the benefits that you might receive from sporting this kind of cabinetry.

For those of you who wanted to augment the functionality of their flat panel cabinets, this article is for you! Here are the best hardware styles for flat panel cabinets:

Recessed Pulls

If you think recessed pulls are only for office drawers, think again. This utilitarian hardware is highly ideal for busy kitchens as it eliminates the possibility of the pulls sticking out and getting in your way as you do your chores.

Cutout Flat Bar Pulls

Though simple in design, the traditional look of cutout flat bar pulls is a good choice for those opting to integrate vintage and modern themes in the overall look of their kitchen. A good tip when installing cutout flat bar pulls is that it’s better to have cabinetry with high-gloss finishes.

C-Channel Integrated Wood Pulls

C-channel integrated wood pulls can work well with kitchens that are following the concept of minimalism due to their extremely subtle appearance. Since it further makes the flat panel cabinets even more seamless, it can match well with other seamless kitchen elements like open upper shelves.

Stainless Steel Bar Pulls

Arguably one of the most popular variants of cabinet pulls up to date; stainless steel bar pulls can turn the surface of flat panel cabinetry into a focal point or center of attention. Often preferred by many because of their flushed end caps, you can now continue working in your kitchen without worrying that the pulls might catch your pants, ripping your pockets in the process.

Tab Pulls

Another well-known staple for minimalists, tab pulls are good for those who wanted to retain the functionality of their cupboards without bringing any noticeable changes in their flat-paneled cupboards.

Wire Pulls

Wire Pulls can provide the same benefits as the tab pulls, as its classic and simple design will not give any major impact on the entirety of your cabinets. However, they can look better if you will install a stainless steel countertop as well as some industrial lighting and appliances.

Final Thoughts

Cabinet pulls are probably the last thing on your mind once you started to remodel your kitchen. But remember, when it comes to having a successful kitchen remodeling service, every detail count. Even the small ones can fully transform and upgrade the look of a kitchen.