Why You Should Consider Cabinet Refacing (Infographic)

Posted on: February 28, 2021

Cabinets play a vital role in the overall functionality of the kitchen. Items that are used for preparing meals can be so diverse that adequate storage have become one of the main goals among many kitchen remodeling companies. More storage means more options for organizing your kitchen, limiting the accumulation of clutter that can ruin its appearance. In some cases, kitchen cabinets can also make cooking more convenient, as you can access everything you need just by opening a cabinet door or drawer.

Maintaining your kitchen cabinets is not a complicated task, and depending on their quality, cupboards can usually last for as long as 50 years. However, due to their capability to store a number of items, kitchen cabinets’ massive size can make them more noticeable than the other units in the area. If you own a set of worn-out cabinets that haven’t seen any upgrades for the past decades, it can affect the entire look of your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet upgrades can solve the problem of outdated cupboards. If you have enough budget, you can simply get rid of your old cabinet and purchase a new one, or opt for a cheaper yet effective kitchen cabinet refacing service.

Why You Should Consider Cabinet Refacing


Refacing your cabinets involves removing the cupboard’s doors and fronts and applying a fresh sheet of wooden veneer to its body that will form as the cabinets’ new “face.” The hardware such as the knobs, pulls, and hinges can also be replaced during the process.


There’s No Need to Dispose Your Old Cabinets

Cabinets tend to have long lifespans, so replacing your old cabinets while they are still usable can be a total waste of money. Refacing your cabinets eliminates the need for an entire replacement, as you will basically have the same cupboards with some newly improved components.

Refacing Takes Less Time

Your cabinets alone can make a big difference to your kitchen design. Kitchen cabinet refacing can be a cheaper alternative to a full-scale kitchen remodel. Apart from being a much preferable option for saving money, the refacing process is not an extensive process that consumes too much time. You can have your cabinets refaced in less than a week.

Provides a Chance to Align Your Storage to Your Kitchen Design

There is a wide range of options to make your cabinets look unique or personalized. In cabinet refacing, you can select different combinations of hardware and veneer so that it can match your existing kitchen design.

Refacing is an Eco-Friendly Cabinet Upgrade

It is possible to do something relevant to the environment just by availing a kitchen cabinet refacing service. This is because you are helping to reduce the need for wooden materials as you don’t need to replace your cupboards as a whole.

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