Why Cabinet Refacing is much better than using reclaimed wood?

Posted on: June 12, 2019


Have you been hitting the market in search of some reclaimed wood? If you’re planning to repurpose any old wood to replace those cabinets of yours – think again. While some people would highly recommend using reclaimed wood for remodeling your kitchen that follows a retro or traditional design, there are still better options available.

Cabinet refacing is a process of upgrading the cabinet’s features and looks by replacing the doors as well as painting or applying a veneer over the cupboard’s external surface. If you never tried refacing your cabinets before, then this article can enlighten you as to why you should choose cabinet refacing over repurposing old lumbers:

Reasons Why Cabinet Refacing Is Better Than Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

Many household owners prefer reclaimed wood cabinets because they thought that it’s something that will save them more money, not to mention eco-friendly. But if it’s durability you need, you must always take heed when using reclaimed wood. And contrary to popular belief, they’re actually not that eco-friendly as most people might think.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. They could utilize more fossil fuel through shipping.

Reclaimed wood is not a mainstream commodity. Depending on where you live, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to find any reclaimed lumber manufacturers around your immediate area. So, the next option that you need to take is to ship it right to your home. As we all know, shipping consumes fossil fuels that could emit harmful air pollutants. That’s why kitchen designers often promote buying materials on local manufacturers whenever possible.

Cabinet refacing on the other hand, can be availed in a short period of time just by contacting an experienced cabinet refacing company. Refacing your cabinetry can often be made with very little shipping required.

  1. They produce significant amounts of scraps to landfills.

It may sound like a very good idea to recycle old lumbers to be used for your cabinets, but what are you going to do with the existing cabinetry? It’s almost impossible to keep your torn out cabinets for reusing, so you’ll eventually end up sending them over the landfill. It sounds like reclaimed wood is not so eco-friendly anymore.

When you have your cabinets refaced, the refacers normally left most portions of the existing cabinetry, so that only the old doors and other small components can be discarded.

  1. Most reclaimed woods are finished with toxic chemicals.

Have you ever wondered where do manufacturers find reclaimed woods? Or how do they process it into something reusable? Many repurposed lumbers today are from woods that came from old barns, decks, warehouses, and factories. While these old timbers do possess an aesthetically pleasing weathered look, they still need thorough reshaping and refinishing.

If you only know a bit about the main source of your reclaimed wood, it might come from a company that finishes their wood using potentially harmful chemicals to make it even more attractive. Imagine having such kind of woods for your cabinets at home – it could easily put your indoor air quality at risk.

  1. Reclaimed wood cabinetry is not a practical option.

Remember that reclaimed wood cabinets are made from warped and weathered lumber. Which means that in most cases, you’ll still have to reshape or refinish it again in a way to relive its natural beauty, which might not come as a cheap option indeed. Even if you managed to find some workable old wood, the odds are that you still have to spend more than the price of a cabinet refacing service.

Final Thoughts

Reclaimed woods are still a good way to augment the beauty and add a sense of history and tradition to your kitchen cabinetry. However, you must always consider that there are other better options around to ensure that you’ll get the same benefits without compromising the safety of your home as well as your budget.