How Cabinet Refacing Work

Posted on: June 7, 2022

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Often, when homeowners are ready to make changes in their kitchen, their main focus is in making upgrades to the cabinets. Indeed, the cabinets are the centerpiece of any kitchen and keeping them looking fresh and up to date is the goal of many homeowners who are ready for a remodel.
If you’re one of those people who are considering remodeling your kitchen, perhaps you’ve already talked with some kitchen contractors about your renovations. Certainly, many may have suggested brand new cabinets for your space. But if you’ve also investigated kitchen refacing companies or have searched “kitchen refacing companies near me,” you’ve probably discovered that you can “reface” your cabinets for just a fraction of the cost of replacing them.
Indeed, cabinet refacing can change the entire look of your kitchen, taking it from old and out-of-date and transforming it to whatever style you wish, from sleek and minimalist to very traditional. With the number of designs, materials, and colors available, the sky’s the limit!
So…how does cabinet refacing work?
Kitchen cabinet refacing companies are experts at making your kitchen look like new again. But how do they do that without replacing the cabinets?
Well, cabinet refacing has been around for decades and is a technique that allows you to keep your cabinet boxes, which would be expensive to remove and replace, while replacing the parts of the cabinet you look at every day, namely the doors and drawer fronts.
Here are the steps kitchen contractors take when refacing your cabinets:
⦁ Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed
⦁ The front and sides of the cabinet boxes are covered with matching refacing materials
⦁ If needed, new door hinges are added
⦁ New doors and drawer fronts, chosen by the homeowner, are then installed
⦁ New drawer pulls and handles can be installed as well or existing ones can be put back on
⦁ Any optional accessories, like crown molding, are added to finish the job
Kitchen refacing companies are experts in this process and can often finish most average-sized kitchens in as little as 4 days days. Compare that to the several weeks it might take for kitchen contractors to complete a total replacement of your cabinets.
Here’s how it happens when you’re using a trained cabinet refacing company.
⦁ Day 1 – Doors, drawer fronts, and hardware are removed. Exterior cabinet structures are prepared to receive the matching materials. Refacing begins on some cabinets.
⦁ Day 2 – Doors and drawer fronts are replaced and hardware installed. Refacing continues and is generally completed.
⦁ Day 3- Optional accessories are installed ie. Drawer boxes, pull-outs, tip-out trays, glass door, etc…
⦁ Day 4- Refacing is finished. Technicians make any needed adjustments.
How do you know if cabinet refacing is right for you?
Not all kitchens are a candidate for cabinet refacing. If you’ve searched for “cabinet refacing companies near me,” maybe you’ve read on their websites some of the parameters for refacing. If so, take a look around your kitchen and assess whether or not refacing would work for you.
First, are your cabinet boxes in good condition? Are they smooth and free of cracks, splits, gouges, etc.? If the answer is no, you might have to consider replacing them. Are the face frames made of solid hardwood? That’s best for accepting veneers and for anchoring new doors. Finally, is the internal hardware, like the drawer tracks, in good condition or would that need to be replaced?
If your cabinets are quite old you actually might be in luck! Older cabinets are often sturdier and longer lasting than newer models and could be ideal for refacing.
So, if your cabinet boxes and internal hardware are in good condition AND you are pleased with the layout of your kitchen, which will not change with refacing, then you’re likely good to go. It’s time to talk to some kitchen contractors or kitchen refacing companies to peruse what’s available and to review your budget and other wants and needs.
At KCR, we’re the cabinet refacing experts and can help you decide whether refacing is a process that’s right for your kitchen. Instead of searching “kitchen refacing companies near me”, head directly to our website at to view our products and services, read testimonials from satisfied clients, and to look at some amazing before and after photos of homes like yours.