What to Consider in Choosing Countertop Edges?

Posted on: May 4, 2022


A kitchen remodeling does not end when you finally see a countertop chosen and installed. Because as soon as it is in its place, the next question would be, “what countertop edge will serve as the finishing touch?” Most home renovations talk about countertops but not much about what completes the ensemble—its edges.

So, in this article, read and understand what to consider in choosing the edge that will complement your style and budget.

What is your preference?

The most important consideration for choosing countertop edges is personal style. While there are many options for boundaries in granite and quartz, the most important is the one that suits you best. In the early years, countertop edges used to be made by hand. But in modern times, these can be mass-produced, giving us more options to choose from.

Look at different samples of edge profiles and decide if they look good together. You may prefer a simple, straight edge, while others like more intricate details like the Ogee Bullnose or Ogee Step Bullnose edges you’ll find through kitchencabinetrefacing.com. If you want a more subtle edge profile, choose a simple countertop style so the edges will look too prominent.

Decide what appeals to you the most, then choose the edge profile that matches your countertop.

What is the countertop material?

In selecting a countertop edge style, choosing one that complements the countertop material is essential. The most durable and diverse countertop edges are made of quartz. Laminate countertops have more limited edge options, which can limit your selections. Talk to your countertop manufacturer to learn about the many available options.

Who should install the edges?

Never entrust your countertop edge installation to somebody who is not a professional. There is so much difference when an expert installs it for you than when someone or even yourself watches a video tutorial and then roots for a DIY.

Only a professional fabricator can create a seamless edge, lining up the strip with the pattern of the slab and filing the seams smoothly. If you opt for beveled edges, it is considered to be thicker. You can opt for a bullnose edge if you want an elegant curve. The thickness of the chosen edge and its installation highly depend on the person’s skill in installing it. So, make sure that you hire the correct person for the job.

How much are you willing to shell out?

When it comes to choosing countertop edges, it may also depend on how much you have. Edges with more style and detail tend to be more expensive than simple ones. Going for the simple or standard edges is the best if you are on a strict budget with your kitchen remodeling.

Do you have kids at home?

If your answer is ‘yes,’ then we highly recommend that you do not go for sharp edges as they can be harmful to children who love to run around the house. You may opt for rounder ones. But if the clear advantages are what appeal to you, you might want to buy pool noodles to use as temporary edge covers for your kitchen and make it safe for the children.

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