How to Make the Most out of Your Chosen Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Company (Infographic)

Posted on: October 29, 2020

Cabinet refacing is a service that can be enough to provide significant changes in the kitchen’s overall functionality, especially in the aspect of storage. Since meal preparation tasks often require a bunch of tools, it is essential for every homeowner to assess the capabilities of their cupboards. If you are one of those people who owns a set of old and outdated kitchen cabinets, you might want to consider seeking the help of a kitchen cabinet refacing company.

Unlike other home improvement projects, kitchen cabinet refacing doesn’t have a long and complicated process. Since refacing basically removes and replaces some parts of your cupboards, you don’t have to pay the price as high as purchasing a new one.

To maximize the benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing service, you have to be aware of the following tips in order to establish rapport with your service provider.


Tip #1: Do a Research

Take some time to know more about your chosen cabinet refacing company. If you contact them because of a referral from someone you know, you can also try visiting their official website. Who knows? You could even found other services that can improve your kitchen other than cabinet refacing!

Tip #2: Identify your Objectives

Kitchen cabinet refacing is more than just covering your cupboards with fresh sheets of veneer. There will come a time in the process where the company will offer you to further enhance your storage by installing additional accessories. It might be pretty much tempting at first, but you have to consider some factors, such as the type and quantity of items that you have to keep from your drawers and shelves. This will enable your chosen provider to determine what stages of the cabinet refacing will be the most appropriate for your kitchen.

Tip #3: Do not hesitate to discuss your Budget

Some homeowners tend to feel a bit awkward once they start to talk about their budget. As mentioned before, kitchen cabinet refacing is a relatively cheaper service compared to a full-scale entire kitchen remodeling project, so the budget can rarely be an issue. If all you need is a minor replacement of some components of your old cupboards, then don’t hesitate to talk this concern with your service provider.

Tip #4: Ask for Advice

The staff that will be assigned to work with your kitchen cabinets are people that are most likely knowledgeable on how to maintain your storage correctly. After the service, you can ask them some questions or tips on ways to prevent damages to your newly refaced cupboards.

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