Classy Cabinet Upgrades that You Can Aim this 2023

Posted on: February 21, 2023

As advancements in residential and commercial property continue to rise, upgrading some parts of your kitchen is necessary. Whether you’re obsessed with kitchen design or not, you are bound to improve your kitchen space, including storage cabinets, when they do not serve their function well. This is why remodeling companies in Pasadena offer notable upgrades that anyone can afford and do.

Accordingly, investing in suitable kitchen cabinet accessories can yield excellent returns for property owners. As a homeowner, you can either utilize all the trendy kitchen cabinet accessories options you prefer or hire a refacing company to help you. You can aim for the following storage upgrades ideas below for your remodeling plans this 2023.

Utilize the Magic of Colors

This year, the color greige is the new white. Achieving a classic and timeless theme for your kitchen is easy when you combine colors with greige shades. They are considered the perfect middle ground between beige and gray, creating a cozy, balanced, and warm ambiance.

If you are looking for something that can cater to the best of both worlds, greige can save your cabinets. Utilize the magic of colors and select the one that is favored by many.

You can use gold and ochre shade cabinet accessories to add warmth and elegance. They are excellent options if you want peace and drama in your kitchen area while you are preparing a hearty meal.

Determine What Cabinet Design You Want

Painting may seem like an easy task, but this can be hard if you don’t know what cabinet design you are aiming for. Consider going out of your comfort zone and discovering other kitchen cabinet styles.

To help you, below are some of them:

Modern Cabinets – To feel organized, sleek, and new, this is what modern cabinets have to offer to you. They don’t have extravagant details, yet they will provide you with a more spacious impression of your kitchen.

Louvered Cabinets – This one is for you if you appreciate diverse global designs. Specifically designed to pour aesthetics and function in a way no one can say no it, louvered is an excellent option. Louver doors are styled to allow air to pass through and give proper ventilation to your cubbies.

Tall Cabinets  – Almost every kitchen nowadays opts for this kind of cabinet; however, some homeowners are hesitant to incorporate this as they see tall storage as a waste of space. While this might be true for those with limited space, tall kitchen cabinets are a good opportunity to maximize storage capacity.

Aside from added storage, it creates a cleaner look and versatile appearance.

Hand-picked Door Knobs and Handles

Having the perfectly chosen door knobs and handles for your kitchen cabinets is a good investment. Choosing the right one can either create an elegant look or showcase simplicity or you can get the best of both worlds. All you must remember when getting one is the comfort it brings when you open your store.

Regarding cabinetry and kitchen cabinet refacing services, are here for you. We will happily assist and give our best ideas for your space. Connect with us today for more information on our products and services.