Are Colorful Appliances Good for Light-Colored Kitchens?

Posted on: October 15, 2022

Adding some fun to your kitchen through a touch of color is one of the best trends nowadays. The classic white-gray tandem is still an ultimate timeless look, but you may notice the traces of more vibrant hues in the mix through the appliances. To fit your style, and to answer those doubts about colored appliances in white or light-colored kitchens, take a closer look at the samples below to see whether this is possible or not.

Are Colorful Appliances Good for Light-Colored Kitchens

Famous Colorful Appliances

With the wide range of colorful appliances, you may ask what suits your kitchen best. With its availability, people can easily select anything for their spaces. The following are the most popular ones you can pick.

  • Coral Appliances – Who would say no to the fun and bold colors of coral appliances? If you are ready to incorporate this into your space, get a hold of your kitchen designer and ask for some decorative pieces that will go along with your chosen appliance color. This fun retro coral appliances are perfect if you have an all-white kitchen theme.
  • Bright Yellow Appliances – Mostly, smaller apartments have this one, but as time goes by, including a cheerful yellow refrigerator and oven in your lovely and huge houses is becoming common. If bright ones are challenging to style, you can add an accent to your countertop stool bars to compliment these yellow appliances. There are also mugs and bowls in bright yellow that will better suit the overall look of your kitchen. You can showcase them on your open shelves’ cabinets, and you’ll soon enjoy the vibrance they will bring. If you want, you can opt for kitchen cabinet refacing in Lake Forest and attempt to match your cubbies and appliances; in this way, you will appreciate this bright kind of shade more.
  • Poppy Red Appliances – Whether you have a classic or contemporary style kitchen, you will love how poppy red appliances complement your kitchen design. It first appeared during the 1970s, and it is now making a comeback. Over time, you can see how this influenced that dull kitchen theme as more people continued to love them over the years.

The colors above are not only popular today but were famous even before. You can also search for turquoise, blue, orange, coffee, and avocado hues appliances and see if their beauty will catch your attention since they are also an excellent choice if you have light-colored space.

When to Pick Colorful Appliances?

It is highly stated that a colorful one can be perfect for a light-colored kitchen theme. But when deciding to go all the way with it, ask yourself first: Does this color matches your whole decoration, or is it just a phase of yours wherein you find it attractive and are just influenced by its impression?

Whatever your answer is, always remember that appliances with brighter shades will be a consistent accent in your kitchen space. Suppose you have plans on selecting this option. In that case, you should also be open to other home improvements, such as cabinet refacing Fullerton and painting some of the parts of your area, like the backsplash, to highlight the charm of your colored appliances.

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