Which countertop and cabinet colors best complement each other? (Infographic)

Posted on: December 5, 2018

Colors affect us in many ways ̶  they can affect our perception, alter our senses, and influence our emotions. They have different meanings and are also considered as a visual language that is used to communicate to an audience. For instance, food and beverage companies use warm and bright colors such as yellow, red, and orange to stimulate the appetite of their customers.

Moving on to home improvement, we all know that a well-planned space can be enhanced even more by using the right color combinations while a color mismatch may cause the opposite.

This is why the use of colors in interior spaces requires creativity and experience. Nevertheless, although you’re not an interior designer by profession,there are color coordination techniques that you can use to make your kitchen look stunning and easy on the eyes.

Having that said, here’s a background on the usage of colors together with five color combos that you can use for your countertop and cabinets:

Which countertop and cabinet colors best complement each other