Countertop Installations – To Edge or Not to Edge?

Posted on: December 10, 2022

Choosing the right edge for your countertop is an essential aspect of kitchen design. Not only do you have to be concerned about the material, but the edge also plays a vital role in your countertop’s overall look. A wrong edge treatment can detract from the appeal of your room. But if you are trying to decide whether to put an edge on your countertops, we have this article to help you decide.


If you are leaning toward edging your kitchen or bathroom countertops at home, these might be the probable reasons:


You love a little drama in design.

Because people have different preferences, it can show how they want things to look in their homes. For homeowners who are spontaneous and love seeing pretty, fancy things to put a beautiful edge on their countertops will be a big yes.


If you have several family members or have young children, consider a bullnose edge by kitchen cabinet refacing anaheim This edge is less intrusive than the square edge and is safer for little ones. It also helps to prevent water spills. The demi-bullnose advantage is also a popular choice, though it has a less steep curve than the bullnose edge.


You tend to lean against the edge of your countertop.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, choosing to put an edge on your cabinet refacing anaheim mean purpose. Sharp edges are uncomfortable. Cooking for an extended period of hours can be exhausting. But with edged countertops, you’ll have something comfortable to lean against when food preparation becomes tiresome.

If you are the homeowner who is trying to consider not edging your countertop, these might be your probable reasons for refusing to get one:


You may be a minimalist.

You like the simplest form of things and stand by the motto: less is more. There is pleasure in looking at things like they are: less noise, less drama. 


Some minimalists still consider putting an edge to their countertops by choosing the simplest ones—square edges. They blend well with any home style and are affordable. You’ll still achieve that subtle and straightforward kitchen or bathroom countertop you’ll be happy seeing.


You think that edging a countertop is expensive.

When a person is on a tight budget, they will try to keep spending money to a minimum. This makes them embrace being contented with what they have, even if it means risking kitchen or bath safety. But think about this, countertops will be “edged” no matter what. Edges are the finish to a countertop.


If you are thinking about the cost, there will always be a countertop edge that will fit the budget you have. Asking a countertop specialist can help you choose the best one. 



Choosing the right edge for your countertop is easy. It’s just a matter of preference. There are many different edge styles to choose from. The border can help you create a design that is unique to you. It can also help you highlight your favorite features. You can order a custom edge to design a countertop that fits your needs with kitchen cabinet refacing we can help your dream kitchen set up you needed.