What Countertops can Match White Cabinets?

Posted on: February 15, 2023

White dominates many kitchens worldwide as they never go out of style. They make any space clean and bright. Given that many clients choose the said color for their cabinet refacing in Yorba Linda, countertop colors are the next thing they think about.  Adding countertops to white cabinets is a great way to increase the appeal of your decor. This can be done in various colors, depending on the type of cabinet and the style of your kitchen.

Whether you have new cabinets or painted old ones in white, here are some ideas that will give you the best possible color options to consider.

Stunning Whites

Several colors work well with white, including deep tones and pastel colors, as these can add depth and sophistication to any decor. However, this is next-level sophistication when you still choose white stone countertops—granite or quartz—to match white cabinets. It will make your kitchen look spotless, brighter, and more extensive—a timeless and classic choice, whatever trend comes and go.

Relaxing Grays

Gray is one of the most familiar colors that work well with white cabinets. It is a light color that doesn’t overwhelm the room and can provide a subtle contrast to the rest of your decor. If you want to bring color to your kitchen countertops and cabinet refacing in Southern California, consider adding a counter with some shades of gray.

Sleek Black

Black is another popular choice for countertops. The black marble has an exquisite look that comes with it. When used with white cabinets, it can add a luxurious, bold look to your design. You can even use it to create a more dramatic contrast that works well with modern and contemporary kitchens.

Light Tan or Beige

Beige or light tan is the way to go for a fresh and soft look in the kitchen. Kitchen countertops with this color give balance with white kitchen cabinets and dark or light kitchen floors. The kitchen will always exude that warm and inviting feeling that will make you want to get a cup of coffee and have a good conversation with family and friends.

Tranquil Blues

Blue may be a kitchen color used in the yesteryears, but it is now making a comeback. It matches perfectly with white cabinets, great for achieving contemporary, traditional, or vintage vibe kitchens.

Refreshing Greens

Green is a fantastic color for the countertops when you have white cabinets. It has a sleek appearance and can bring the kitchen to life. It gives a vibe of cleanliness and health, as green is always associated with growth and nutrition. If you want a more contemporary appearance, green is undoubtedly the way to choose.


The right countertop for your kitchen can make or break the look of your entire decor. Choose the right colors for your style, and you’ll love the results. However, choosing the right color can be difficult, so take the time to explore your options. Taking the time to think about what kind of kitchen you’re planning to remodel will pay off in the end. Remember to match your countertop to your kitchen and cabinets’ overall design.

Choosing the perfect counters for your kitchen is essential after selecting white cabinets. There are many colors to choose from when you get in touch with kitchencabinetrefacing.com. So, be sure to take your time and choose something that complements your cabinets.