How to Create and Utilize Pantry Storage?

Posted on: March 3, 2022

Organizing your pantry is not an easy task at all. It would help if you had patience and a keen eye to sort through all the products available that have piled up in your storage. But you know what’s harder? It is creating and utilizing a pantry space. Whether you have a small space or a bigger area as your pantry, you will still need clever ideas on how you can use them to the best of your ability.

Before you create a pantry, there are various things that you must consider. Look at your cabinets first; does it need a repair? Does it serve its purpose well? If not, you might consider considering cabinet refacing Corona before creating your pantry. In this way, you can use it longer and ensure that your groceries are safe in their place. Keep reading to know more about creating and utilizing your pantry.

Create Organized Zones for Specific Items

One way to create an organized pantry is by creating zones for specific sections for baking goods supplies, spices, snacks, or breakfast items. By doing this, you establish boundaries for each of your goodies in an orderly manner. You can use dividers to distinguish which space is for this item and which is not. A nice pantry can mean so much to a homeowner. That’s why you must remember this one.

Use Clear Containers as Storage

Whether you have a small or a huge pantry, clear containers can help you point out things in one glance. Some homeowners tend to be busy at times, and if your storage is not clear, it can create some confusion in the long run. Group things like packets of sauce mixes, gravy mixes, powder condiments, and hot cocoa envelopes to utilize your area. By doing so, you’ll avoid them from spilling all over your pantry area.

Make Use of Vertical Areas

The above countertop should not be wasted. You can use them as storage for your mugs. To this, you can place some hooks underneath your cubbies. You can opt for some adhesive hooks inside the cabinet doors to hold some kitchen tools. Think about the empty wall spaces in your pantry as well. Everything can be stored well if you will want to. You can hang some pots on that or some pans. This will be a great idea, especially if you’re going to save space as much as you want. You can call a kitchen cabinet refacing in Corona to help you with this as they are an expert in making adjustments for your cubbies.

Dispose Some Items that You Don’t Need Anymore

If you opt to utilize your space, disposing of the items you don’t need anymore is beneficial. Start by throwing out items that are past their expiration date. Put labels on the things that it is nearing to expire; by doing so, you are allowing yourself to use them before it’s too late, making it easier for you to know which one should be used next as well.

If cleaning makes you too overwhelmed, try doing it one at a time. You don’t have to clean it overnight.

Arrange Your Items Depending on Your Needs

Make sure to put the items you use daily in an accessible area. The taller one should always be on the back to prevent blocking the smaller ones. For practical purposes, the heaviest items should be on the bottom part. It would always be best to store items together so you can quickly know which one will be out of stock soon before you head to the grocery store.


You can do all these things if you have functional cabinets that hold all your kitchen items together. Before creating a pantry, it would be best to inspect your existing cubbies. Utilizing space also means using what you have in your home that is available.

Your pantry can also get disorganized after a while. To help maintain your area, always put all the items in their designated place and get your family involved in it too. Teach everyone where this kind of item should be placed and all so that you will not spend more time organizing everything on your own.

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