Why You Need to Consider Crown Molding on Cabinets

Posted on: October 25, 2022

While most people do not see the need for crown moldings on their cabinets, it has a strong appeal on the aesthetic side. Installing crown molding is the perfect solution when looking for how your cabinets will look classic yet with a touch of elegance. It is another way for you to maximize those high ceilings you have in your space.

Its variety is beyond limitless; in fact, you can easily ask your chosen kitchen cabinet refacing in Rancho Santa Margarita to incorporate crown molding when you decide to get services from them.

Defining Crown Molding

Mostly, crown molding is used for decorative purposes. Before, crown molding is used to fill the gap between the ceiling and the cabinets. Today, it is utilized in other areas while retaining its useful features. The intricate design you see on crown molding is traditionally made of plaster. Apart from it, woods are also an excellent selection of materials for crown moldings.

Other Types of Crown Moldings

In most cases, you can easily find other types of crown molding materials that you can use. Depending on your preference, you can utilize most of them, whether you are opting for a cabinet refacing Riverside or other home improvement projects. Below are the different types you can consider and some downsides when using them.

  • Polyurethane – One material that everyone can opt for is this one. Polyurethane is sturdy and can be molded in a lot of ways, so this is almost everyone’s favorite.
  • Thick and Peel – These are made of thin plastics that are cheaper than the other type of crown molding. These materials are a good alternative because it is quick to install.
  • Flex or Rubber – As the name suggests, it is flexible. Because of its elasticity, it can be lightweight and can be used anytime by anyone. The DIYers are mostly the ones who are using this, as it is easy to install. One notable thing you should know about this is that it is not durable. Dents can easily be seen on this as well.
  • Styrofoam – One lightweight material that can be considered too, if you are not very particular with the substance, are styrofoam. If you opt for this one, remember that it is too lightweight, so you should hire experts to install them. Doing so will help you in damaging them while installing.

Advantages of Crown Molding on Cabinets

Exquisitely crafted cabinets have their way of showcasing their beauty. But with crown molding on top, it can dramatically enhance the entire charm of your cubbies. A sleeker look brought by crown moldings can increase the value of your home. When done right, the results after installing this will highlight traditional designs and at the same time, emphasize modernity. Choosing the perfect type of crown molding also indicates a high investment return.

When you have an old kitchen, it can cover the cracks where the ceiling and walls meet. Crown molding can cover up minor damages. Aside from all these, you can choose from a wide selection of crown molding styles because it has a broad range of options that will fit your taste.

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