Dark or Light Cabinets: What to Choose?

Posted on: May 1, 2022

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Whatever you do, people will comment on that. But this should not influence on how you will choose things around you. This is especially true when you are deciding for your house. Once you spit that you are planning to have a kitchen remodeling project, some of your friends may suggest or recommend something. While this is not a bad thing, this can have an impact on how you will do things for your house.

A single error can cost you money when it comes to your property. How much more if you’ll commit a bigger mistake. Choosing the best should be your goal to create an atmosphere that you can be proud of. This also applies on which color you should go for in a cabinet since this will affect the overall look of your space. Even if you ask a company that offers a kitchen cabinet refacing in Coto De Caza, this will be their opinion. You can choose between a darker cabinet or the one with a lighter shade. To help you with this one, below are some of the pointers you must take note of.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Light Cabinets

Light cabinets are refreshing. It is a classic color everyone can easily pick without thinking of what color of appliances they should choose since almost everything can match this. Because of its flexibility, you can quickly adapt to any trending design. Light colors can also uplift your mood since they reflect to natural light. This can make your kitchen appear bigger, which is a good thing, especially if you have a smaller space.

The only thing that can ruin the mood of your light cabinets is its ability to highlight stains. It would help if you will resort to different home clean-up hacks you can find to clean them. While this is not a big deal, some homeowners consider this advantage since light cabinets are harder to clean and can result in discoloration.

Pros and Cons of Dark Cabinets

Your dark cabinets could turn into something more beautiful than ever if you chose well. Aside from its ultra-welcoming vibes, it has more color options available. Because of its darker shades, you will not have to worry about dirt since it can hide those little splashes that you accidentally make when you are cooking. If you want to maintain a busy kitchen without worrying every day about how it will look with surprise guests, you can opt for this.

Meanwhile, if you have a smaller kitchen area, your space is a little heavy, especially if you have dim lights. Aside from this, not all are fond of strong color. If you plan to sell your house in the future, a darker shade of kitchen cabinets can influence future buyers’ choices since this is universally unappealing for a lot of people.

The Takeaway

Trends in colors always come and go. Choosing between dark and light colors may be a bit challenging, but you should make a decision based on your preference. Once you have a solid plan, it is now easy to look for a cabinet refacing in Coto De Caza to update the look of your kitchen cabinets. Experts’ advice hits differently every time they guide you. Research what they are talking about and ask questions. Once you agree with each other’s plan, you can start making your dream into reality.

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