Decorating Ideas for Open Shelves

Posted on: June 29, 2020


Enhancing the look and functionality of your kitchen storage is one of the most important objectives of any kitchen remodeling project or a kitchen cabinet refacing service. By applying specific modifications to the cupboards, any homeowner can maximize the use of space and make the area more manageable.

Kitchen cabinets come in many designs, some of which can significantly change the entire look of the kitchen, such as open shelving. If you’re into minimalism, going for a set of open shelves can be a good start when remodeling your kitchen. While open shelves can already look beautiful in its own subtle way, it doesn’t mean that you cannot improve it even further by adding some additional decorations.

Here are several ideas that you can try when decorating your open shelves:

Capturing Visual Interest through Height

When arranging different items to be displayed on the shelves, it would be better if you will put them in varying heights. Do not be afraid to mix and match the order of objects regardless of height, as long as the shelves are capable of drawing anyone’s attention.

Painting the Shelves

You can change the color of your open shelves so that it can complement the existing palette of your kitchen design. On the other hand, you can also try for the bolder ones to possibly add a new pop of color to a relatively neutral space. Whatever color you choose, make sure that you have high-quality materials if you want to achieve the best results.

Go for Green

In case you have some little plants that you want to exhibit to your kitchen, you can put all of them right at your open shelves. Plants are visually appealing and can evoke a refreshing and calming effect around the kitchen.

Display Artworks and Photographs

Open shelving can also become your home’s art gallery by displaying your collection of prized artworks. And if you have other hobbies such as photography, the shelves are another place where guests can check out some of your best shots.

Show off Your Books and Magazines

Do you find it difficult to find more space for storing your books and magazines? Being a bookworm can sometimes make it hard for you to get rid of old books you have. Fortunately, open shelves can offer a solution by turning them into decorative elements that can help integrate more colors to your kitchen.

Key Takeaways

Decorating open shelves can be an enjoyable experience since the best way to do it is by displaying items that you love the most. Items that say a lot about your personality and interests. Home is a place where we can express ourselves in different ways, and that includes every part of your household – even the kitchen storage.

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