Best Doors to Pair Up with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Posted on: April 10, 2019


If you wanted to take the look of your kitchen to the next level on a tight budget, you should consider refacing your cabinets. Cabinetry often serves as one of the main focal points of a kitchen, which means it can be easily noticed by anyone entering the area. By simply upgrading its appearance into something vague and unique can bring up some significant changes in your kitchen as a whole.

Kitchen refacing involves the replacement of some of the older components of the cabinets such as the doors and drawers, as well as the application of fresh veneer sheets or laminates on the surrounding surface of the cabinets.

Aside from being time and cost efficient, cabinet refacing can give their clients tons of options available when it comes in the materials, colors, and even door styles. Doors play an important part for any cabinet since they are the main panels that provide much of the front view and gives protection for all the kitchen stuff stored inside.

This article will give you several of the most popular doors that you can choose to pair up with your cabinets before you can start the refacing process:

Best Doors to Pair Up with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Laminate Cabinet Doors

If you find it quite difficult to spend a lot of time maintaining everything in your kitchen, then you should choose a set of doors that are low-maintenance. Some of the good examples are laminate doors which are pretty easy to clean and are highly resistant to humidity and other environments factors, unlike most door materials.

What’s more, is that laminate doors offer a wide variety of choices in terms of texture and color. Laminates will look better on colors that imitate the appearance of wood grain or others that have a durable matte.

Wood Cabinet Doors

Considered as the traditional type of cabinet door, wooden doors are definitely a classic option that will never go out of style. This door type works well with other classical elements if you are following such a theme for your kitchen. While unlike laminates, wood is susceptible to damages like water but it can be avoided by some thorough precautions and proper care. Wood gives off an inviting and relaxing feeling that makes the ambiance of your kitchen to be much cozier than ever. And if you eventually got tired on the natural color of the wood, then you can invest in some painting materials because paints can easily stick well on a wooden surface.

Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

Glass-front cabinet doors are best for those who are opting for a more elegant, unique and decorative style of cabinetry. If you have any collection of stylish dishware, then it would be the best opportunity to let your visitors take a glance at that prized possession of yours. On the contrary, you can have the glasses frosted to hide any unwanted things you are storing outside. It can also be available in different architectural styles, and the choice will always lie in your preference.