Embracing the Beauty of Plain Cabinets [Infographic]

Posted on: November 22, 2021

Nowadays, most homeowners tend to select complicated styles for their cabinetry without thinking about those designs with plain patterns and layouts. Well, maybe it’s because of the influence coming from too much browsing on Pinterest and luxury magazines that offers cabinetry and remodeling project. it is not a sin, though.

But today, it is the time to embrace again the beauty of plain cabinets and how this can make your kitchen stand out among others.

Plain Cubbies Are Simple and Easy to Maintain

Why complicate things when you can choose plain styles and incorporate it with a good finishing touch? Gold hardware or a silver pull will never go wrong with your cubbies plus you can paint them with the theme of your choice.

Of course, it is not easy to match everything all at once. That is why you need the power of plain cabinets where you don’t have to think hard on deciding. Aside from all of these, the plain ones are easy to maintain.

In terms of Functionality, Trust the Plain One

The purpose of a cabinet is primarily for storage, organization, or decoration but you will be surprised at how single cabinetry can fulfill a different function. When you look for a kitchen cabinet and select the plain one, you will not regret it as this will serve its purpose well no matter what happens. It is proven to be that most plain cabinets function well.

Minimalist Styles are Gaining More Popularity Now

You can’t say no to a minimalist design as this can complement anything. If you are fond of bringing some natural elements into your kitchen, then you can have them. When you have a minimal style of the cabinet it would not be complex at all to determine which decoration you will choose.

It Can Save You Money

Believe it or not, when you choose the plain one, it will automatically save you from spending too much. Not only for its original price but also for its maintenance.

Some refacing or refinishing companies do not charge that big if you have a simple and plain design so you can expect to save more on this one when the time comes, and you need their services.

It is Worthwhile to Own Plain Cabinets

Some may think that your plain choice when it comes to cabinets is quite absurd, but this is in fact far from the truth. It is a good choice and will always be worth it to have especially when you are starting and when you have a smaller kitchen. Homes with a big kitchen can easily pull off a plain-looking cubby too with just a few modifications and decorations.


Whichever color combination you choose, it will always match the plain ones. They always say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, which can also be applied to cabinets. Embracing the beauty of a plain kitchen cabinet is timeless and will always be good to have.

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