Evolution of Kitchen Cabinets: A quick look (Infographic)

Posted on: May 8, 2019


Unbeknownst to many, kitchen cabinets have been serving humanity for centuries. Ever since the dawn of the kitchen remodeling industry, cupboards became one of the highly customized elements that paved the way for other important innovations that transformed the way we see our kitchens.

During the past, people used kitchen cabinets as a way to simply store or display important items. But how did cabinets turned out to be an important factor in the overall aesthetic quality of the kitchen? Let’s have a quick look at the evolution of kitchen cabinets during the 1900s and know more about the history of cabinetry itself:

Evolution of Kitchen Cabinets A quick look

1920s – Cabinets are designed with a blind corner pull-out and pre-installed spice racks. These generations of cupboards are called Hoosier cabinets. Hoosiers are small and standalone cabinets that usually house almost every kitchen essentials such as sugar, flour, and even utensils. Similar to other modern appliances, Hoosiers can also have built-in items as an additional feature to save time and space.

1930s – This decade became the golden age of modular cabinets. The idea of making all-purpose cabinets started to gain popularity through the integration of continuous countertops. Kitchen cabinets that are linked with countertops further augmented its functionality by adding up a working space for kitchen chores.

1940-1950 – The Second World War brought a lot of changes in the design of the cabinetry. People after the war needed the cabinets not just for storing food and supplies, but to also put other storing materials such as baskets, bins and trays. This trend became a milestone for other shelving options.

1960s – Classic themes can often be seen to most houses and as a result, a certain material became quite common in kitchen cabinetry. Woods are usually the most popular choice and the application of paint is a vogue way to show a sense of artistry among owners.

1970s – Woods are still the most preferred kitchen cabinet material, specifically dark wood. Since woods are susceptible to moistures, wood cabinets are modified by using veneers. Ornate handles were introduced to increment the design further. This decade made other adjustments to improve the durability of wooden materials.

2000s up to the present – There are now a wide variety of options when it comes in constructing kitchen cabinets. Companies providing the craftsmanship to construct cupboards prioritized the preferences of their customers in terms of colors, materials, and design.

There is no doubt that kitchen cabinets have already seen better times indeed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t need them anymore. Cabinets are still undergoing more improvements, and we will certainly make good use of it in the near future.

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