Eye-Catching Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Posted on: August 19, 2021

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the center of their house. So much happens there, and families love gathering amidst the comforting smell of cakes baking or dinner being prepared. It’s no wonder kitchen renovations are so popular. Everyone wants this important room to be at its best and avid cooks love to show off their lovely cabinets, updated appliances, and beautiful countertops.

Kitchens, of course, come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. In 2021, one of the most popular trends is still the modern farmhouse kitchen, which offers a bit of country style, even if you’re home is in the center of the city. Modern farmhouse kitchens combine rustic elements often with elements from other styles, such as industrial, to create a space that is warm and inviting while also being state-of-the-art.

Any size kitchen can look good in modern farmhouse style, even if it’s tiny. The size or dimensions of the kitchen really don’t matter; it’s the combination of country and contemporary that truly make for a beautiful space that will remain in style for years to come.

So, what are some of the most popular design ideas for the modern farmhouse kitchen? There are lots of them, but here are some of our favorite must-haves for you to ponder as you consider revamping your kitchen to reflect this popular style.

A farmhouse color palette

In general, there aren’t any specific colors for a modern farmhouse kitchen, but the palette tends to stray away from bright, bold colors and instead often tends to include very muted tones. Cream/off-white is super popular for the walls. The cabinets are generally wood tones (maple, oak, etc.)  but it’s not unusual to use white or even black cabinets in a modern farmhouse kitchen. If you’d like to include some color, consider using accent pieces like flower arrangements, bowls, or even small appliances in reds, orange, or yellow for an extra pop of color, as the designers say.KITCHEN CABINET | CALIFORNIA

Consider copper accents

Copper is a wonderful blend of both farmhouse and industrial styles, so it’ll look great in your modern farmhouse kitchen. You can choose copper lighting in shapes that reflect that country style and hang them on chains above your island or your kitchen table. You can also consider copper faucets in vintage styles, which will look perfect with your farmhouse sink!

Incorporate decorative wood braces

Here’s an accent that you may not have considered for your modern farmhouse kitchen. The X-shaped brace support is a popular characteristic of the farmhouse style and can be used, for example, on the ends of an island to help hold up the weight of the granite, quartz, or marble countertop. They’re eye-catching and add some interest to the otherwise straight up-and-down lines of your cabinets and other fixtures.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Because you’re doing “modern farmhouse” and not just straight-out farmhouse styling, it’s okay to consider some eclectic touches. Indeed, a mixture of styles is what it’s all about, so don’t be too matchy-matchy or you may not achieve your desired look. It’s okay, for example, to choose vintage metal chairs from the 50s and 60s to go with your wood plank farmhouse-style table or to mix metals when choosing light fixtures, faucets, and more. It makes your modern farmhouse kitchen more interesting and lets your clever taste in furnishings shine through.

Consider a patterned floor

It’s likely that in your modern farmhouse style kitchen you’ll probably have lots of solid colors, wood tones, and other palette choices that may require something a little more drastic to add some liveliness to the picture. As such, you may want to think about a patterned floor rather than just hardwood or wood laminates. While those are certainly indicative of the farmhouse style, you can add the “modern” part by installing fun tiles in a cool pattern. They don’t have to be bright. You can maintain the muted palette but simply add some interest with a subtle or even bold pattern.


Vintage cabinets??

If new or refinished cabinets are part of the plan, you can certainly find styles that compliment your modern farmhouse look. Often, flat panel cabinets fit the bill and can be decorated with vintage hardware that’s indicative of a real farmhouse kitchen. Look for those pieces at an antique store or a home improvement store or ask your cabinet company what they recommend.


At Mr. Cabinet Care, we’ve completed kitchen of a variety of styles, including modern farmhouse kitchens. We have lots of ideas to make your room warm and inviting and can’t wait to share them with you.