How to Hire and Manage Kitchen Refacing Companies

Posted on: June 6, 2022

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Hiring contractors of any sort is a nail-biting experience! You’re worried that you’ve chosen the wrong one and that perhaps they won’t get the job done right or in a timely manner. You’re not sure about their work ethic, whether they’ll keep your home neat and clean, or if they’ll – worst case scenario – abscond with your money and not finish the job.
However, there are many ways to make sure you hire the right kitchen contractors or kitchen refacing companies and to put your mind at ease. This doesn’t have to be a stressful project if you do your homework and take the time you need to choose a company that you’re satisfied can do the job correctly.

Company history

As you search for “kitchen refacing companies near me” on the internet, just like most people do these days, it’s easy to be pulled in by fancy websites and testimonials that may or may not be true. Anyone can put up a website and use some stock photos from the web, so it’s essential that you delve a bit deeper into the history of the kitchen refacing companies you think might have potential.
Is this a family-owned company? Have the same people owned and managed the company since the beginning? Have these kitchen contractors been around for a while? Do they have a history of doing work in your local community?
All these questions are essential when inquiring about the company’s experience in kitchen refacing. Have they only been in business for a few months? If so, even though you’d perhaps like to give them a shot, it might be best to move on and look for companies that have been in business for much longer. You may get a better price with a company that’s just starting out, but you also may be leaving a lot of things to chance. You don’t really want to be someone’s first or second project!

Check their licensing and insurance

All kitchen contractors must be licensed with the local municipality or the state, so it’s a clever idea to check on this if you’re concerned for some reason or if you just want peace of mind that everything is on the up-and-up. Ask to see the contractor’s license and make sure it’s current.
All kitchen contractors, including kitchen refacing companies, must also carry insurance including personal liability, workers’ compensation, and property damage coverage. These are all essential for both the company’s protection and yours as well. It’s okay to ask for proof of this insurance and, again, make sure all the policies are up to date. If they don’t want to share it with you, move on to someone else.

Ask for references

As you search for “kitchen refacing companies near me,” you’ll find a lot of websites that include statements from past clients. Because anyone can post literally anything on the internet, you’ll have no idea whether the amazing testimonials found on these websites are for real or were just created by the website builder on the kitchen contractor themselves.
So, you’ll want to verify that these are genuine. Call the kitchen contractors you potentially wish to hire and get names and phone numbers of past clients. Don’t settle for emails! You’ll want to talk directly to these individuals and, if at all possible, see their kitchen and the work done by the company in question. Some homeowners will allow you to do that and others won’t. But if they’re unwilling, you can also ask them to email or text you some photos of the finished product.
Asking for references isn’t intrusive. It’s a necessity in a world where many people/companies misrepresent their skills and credentials. A kitchen remodel is a sizeable expense for most homeowners, so you don’t want to hire just anyone who pops up when you Google “kitchen refacing companies near me”! You want a company with a wealth of experience, a long track record of excellence, a great warranty, and more.
At KCR, we have everything you’re looking for in a kitchen refacing company. Our experts have been doing refacing work for decades and are well-versed in the latest trends as well as the best practices in their field. We offer a superior warranty and complete your job in a timely manner. Furthermore, our product selection is vast and matches a variety of budgets.
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