Four Ideal Wood Types for Cabinets

Posted on: March 19, 2021

Despite the emergence of other materials for kitchen cabinets, such as laminate, thermofoil, melamine, and polyester, different kinds of wooden materials still dominate the cupboard market. Apart from their durability and aesthetic qualities that make them ideal for any kitchen style, wooden cabinets are also available in a variety of categories that might fit a homeowner’s preferences in storage.

Why Wooden Cabinets Are Popular?

Tradition is something that cannot be easily broken, and this applies in kitchen remodeling in the aspect of the cupboard industry. Wood has been used as reliable storage for centuries, and generations of craftsmen have come up a long way of innovating their skills so that they can bring the best benefits of using wood for cabinets. The versatility of the wooden cabinets is also evident in the past decades, with the diversity of finishes that can personalize the entire kitchen. In case you decided to purchase a new set of kitchen cabinets, the first step would be choosing a particular type of wood.

Here are four of the ideal wood types that you can try to enhance your kitchen storage:


Mahogany is a type of wood commonly used in different kinds of furniture like couches and beds. Belonging to a group of hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, mahogany is known for its reddish-brown color that provides a sense of warmth in most kitchen designs. If you want to introduce a bit of elegance and brightness to your kitchen, mahogany might be the best choice for you. However, one drawback you can expect from this material is its porosity, making it less resistant to moisture.


Coming from the genus of coniferous trees, cedar offers a reddish finishing with a distinctive aromatic smell. Cedar’s natural look is highly compatible with retro and farmhouse kitchen styles and is more durable than other materials in this list. Having a cedar cabinet in your kitchen is an excellent decision, especially if you are looking for an affordable cupboard that can last longer.


Found in many sustainable forests, cherry is another budget-friendly cabinet material that can enhance your kitchen design, especially if you install it on your walls. Wall cabinets made from cherry can highlight its beautiful grain that can remain appealing regardless of what type of kitchen design you have. Finishing a cherry cabinet with oil makes a low-maintenance cupboard where you can store many of your kitchen items.


Aside from its sophisticated appearance, walnut is a highly sought-after choice for kitchen cabinets due to its capability to hold a considerable amount of weight. Its sturdiness makes it an excellent choice for countertop cabinetry. Compared to other wood types, walnut is surprisingly lighter in weight, so that the cupboard can be installed with little to no difficulty.

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