Ideas for Decorating Wall Kitchen Cabinets (Infographic)

Posted on: January 29, 2021

Kitchen cabinets are generally categorized by where they can be installed. Base cabinets are cupboards that are crafted to rest on the floor and support the other kitchen units, such as the countertop, sink, and cooktop. Wall cabinets, as the name implied, are designed to be mounted on walls. Both cabinet builds are equally important as they can provide the adequate storage your kitchen needs.

Since wall cabinets are located in an elevated location, they can be an excellent area for decoration. If you are looking for ways of making your storage more appealing than before, you might want to consider giving the following tips a try!



Using the top wall cabinet’s top surface

Do not let that top surface of your wall cabinets go to waste. You can take advantage of this commonly neglected space by putting some of your prized dishware collection, jars, and even some small artworks. Make sure to organize your decorations by color for a more eye-catching effect.


Open shelving

Is your kitchen suffering from limited space? Given that wall cabinets might make a kitchen looked a bit cramped, an alternative option that you have would be to convert them to a set of open shelves instead. The exposed contents of open shelves help improve access to your cooking ingredients and tools, and they look cozier than their conventional countertops.


Book Shelves

Your kitchen can also be an ideal place to store your books, especially those that cover topics about cooking. This unique idea works best if you don’t have anything else to keep on your wall cabinets. Add up some dividers if you want to sort them out.



Unleash your hidden green thumb by cultivating plants on pots and put them over on the shelves of your wall cabinets. Do not forget that plants need sunlight, so you better have your wall cabinets or shelves installed adjacent to an open window to allow natural light around the kitchen.


Adding racks between the cabinet and wall

If there is a significant gap between your wall cabinets and the wall itself, you can use that area for additional storage by adding a rack or a wooden plank to store items like decorative baskets or plates. This idea is an option for those who wanted to sport a farmhouse or rustic kitchen design.


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